How To Reset Your Wi-Fi password in Windows And MAC

There’s no wonder if you forget your password every time. And when it comes to Wi-Fi no one even tries to remember it. The moment you configure the Wi-Fi settings and set a password to it one would hardly remember it. Unless when you need to connect a new device to Wi-Fi you don’t need your Wi-Fi password. So this is the tutorial to reset your Wi-Fi password in case if you had forgot it.

How To Reset Your Wi-Fi password in Windows

In order to reset your Wi-fI password in your windows PC you don’t need any special software’s to do the task. Even you don’t need any access to the administrator access on you PC. Simply by following the simple steps you can reset your Wi-Fi password.

  1. Use a PC that is already connected to Wi-Fi network. Go to Start and open Control panel. Click on the network and sharing center. On windows 8 you can just clock Windows key + c or else you can click on the search box for Network and sharing CENTER.
  2. Click on the Change adapter settings on the left side of the computer.
  3. Do right click on the network you are using and click on networks.
  4. Click on the wireless properties.
  5. Click on the Security tab.
  6. Now you can see the name of the Wi-Fi network you are using and password in the hidden characters. Click on the show password and you can know the password you saved for the Wi-Fi network.

How To Reset Your Wi-Fi password in Windows And MAC

How To Reset Your Wi-Fi password In MAC

You can find all the passwords through the keychain access app on the mac. And even Wi-Fi password will be also saved in it.

  1. Go to the Applications and open Utilities.
  2. Open keychain Access. Go to the system keychain listed under the keychain on the top side of the desktop.
  3. Here search for the Wi-Fi network you are trying to find the password for, by typing the name of your Wi-Fi network name in the search box in the right top corner.
  4. Double- click on the name of the desired network and a box opens. Check the “Show password” option.
  5. Enter the user account when it asks to and you will be shown the saved Wi-Fi password you have saved for your Wi-Fi networks.

How To Reset Your Wi-Fi Password In Router

If you are using the Wi-Fi over tablets or phones and have no computer to apply the above two methods then we have another method for you. You can still unlock the Wi-Fi password through your router. Note that this will only work when you are connected to the router network or else you can’t apply this method. So take care that you use only Wi-Fi connected devices in order to apply this method.

Follow The Below Steps To View The Password Via Router

  1. Firstly open the browser and got to the router’s local address which would be generally in numbers. But the url varies for each and every router so check the official website to find the correct address.
  2. Now enter the username and password. Note that this will be vary for different manufacturer and you should change the password. Basically for the router the username and password will be normally admin without any other one’s. Firstly check the router manufacturer in case if the password you entered goes wrong.
  3. Now click on the internet and then click on Wireless. In some of the routers the wireless option may be visible. Now you can see the security type and the key. Many routers may have these options under a security tab. The password for your Wi-Fi network will be in the box next to the key field, On most of the routers this will be in plain text, so you can just have a glance at it.