How To Share Files From Android To BlackBerry Via ES File Explorer

Sharing files between two different operating systems always brings troubles. Imagine someone asks you to transfer a file through your Android to his Blackberry device (and file is big). There many ways like, you can upload that to a server from your phone and give the link to your blackberry mate, for the download. But it will be too time-consuming and will eat loads of data. Other option is to connect both devices from USB and transfer desired things via a laptop or a desktop Computer. But again, those with almost no time or of lazy nature (like me), this method isn’t a recommended one. To transfer files from Android To Blackberry, what you have to do is to read this whole guide.

Now, most of you are may be thinking that, Bluetooth is a good medium to transfer but, it has many cons. Bluetooth not only takes too much time, but also a non-ideal mean to send and receive big files.

ES file explorer is one of the most advanced file-agent that lets one discover their device in a more deep and smart way. So how to use it to transfer files from Android to Blackberry.

How To Share Files From Android to BlackBerry Via ES File Explorer

As I mentioned above, ES file explorer is one of the best of it kinds existing in the play store. Its a very popular tool and is the first choice of buyers of stock-android phones like Motorola Moto G 2. Chances are high, that you’re already having it. But if you don’t, Grab it now for free from the play store.

There are multiple options for you If you wanna customize a folder, send a file, copy stuffs or simply explore things. ES file explorer not only gives you a master remote control to you.

How to Share Files From Android to BlackBerry Via ES File Explorer

You can get ES File explorer by doing a simple search on Play Store or by clicking here. If you don’t like play store and its whole system, you can also go for .apk files, which can be found with a very simple Google Search.

Firstly, connect both phones (Android & Blackberry) to a same WiFi network.

Open ES file explorer and then search the file you wanna share.

Tap on your desired file until you get a pop-up until you’ll get a popup covering it. After that, tap on send and send it to a blackberry device running ES file explorer.

This way you can easily send files from Android to Blackberry devices in lightning speed. After-all Wi-Fi is a lot more better than Bluetooth and does transfers in much higher speeds.


Chances are low that you own a Blackberry. Still, many who have it for some reason, this article will be helpful for them. Because of high user base of android-based smartphones, chances exist there that you may end-up with file sharing problems.

If you have any query regarding the whole tutorial or you know any better file sharing client than ES explorer, feel free to share it on the comments’ section bellow.