How To Use Technology To Bond With Kids

As a doting father or mother, you do everything in your capacity to keep your kid smiling and content. Yet even the most devoted parents fail to understand precisely what drags their kids away from them and the generation gap sets in! While it is natural for your kids to learn the nuances of life and develop friends outside family with whom they became close that should not necessarily make them distant! For a lot of families, technology plays a major role in this distance and its creation. Tech savvy kids grow closer to people who also love technology and this is where many parents fail to catch up.

Technology To Bond With Kids

Using technology to bond with kids

Using technology to strengthen the bond with your kids is a good idea and leading psychologists endorse this thought. Now, that the web is an integral part of life, parents should find it easier to stay updated and on par with their kids in technology related stuffs. Admit the fact that there is no way you can escape technology. When you know the right ways to use it, it can be used to reduce the distance with kids and other members in the family.

Tips to bond with kids using technology

  • Ask them for help – It is a good idea to seek help from the kids for learning technology related things. Asking your tech savvy kid or teen to help you make a Facebook profile or WhatsApp account is the best way to make them happy. In fact, when you do this the kids feel they are guiding you in accomplishing something they consider cool. You may also ask the kid for help when you cannot use a gadget properly or fail to configure software, for example. In most cases, they will be eager to help and feel happy about it.
  • Use social media for communication – For parents who cannot give enough time to kids owing to factors like job needs using the social media platforms is a prudent option. While using phones to call the kids is always possible, connecting on social networking sites and sharing updates is considered cool by the younger generations! It is also important not to interfere in social network activities of the kids. For example, they will not like if you want to keep tab on the messages they send to close pals online.
  • Learn the tech stuffs before the kid – It would be a good step to become tech savvy yourself so that you can guide your kids when he is getting exposed to the web and other aspects of technology in life. This way you will be able to better explain loopholes of technology existing in the modern world and why they should be avoided. Going too hard on kids to ban porn watching can actually have a backlash effect. You can also explain to kids about security needs while using computers and other devices and how they can stay away from online malicious users. It will make things better for both in the future.
  • Participate in games – A lot of parents complain about their kids staying glued to TV or PC screen for playing games. However, it makes them ignore food habits and spend a lot of time gaming. Instead of making it a persistent habit to nag them about playing less, join them! Take part in multi-player games and there are several such PC and console games that both you and your teenager son or daughter can enjoy together. This way you can spend some quality tie together and feel less distant. You will find the kids paying more attention to things you say in long run!