How To Use Your Old iPhone In Many Ways

Apple, known for making some category redefining gadgets and making scope for rivals to follow is also known for another skill. The company finds ways to enhance products that are already considered perfect by the industry. The same is applicable for iPhone, the device that introduced the trend of touch screen enabled phones. With every release Apple has succeeded in making the iPhone better and more feature packed than predecessors. It explains why the device continues to outshine rivals despite the steep price. However, when you find the version of iPhone you have been using has become pretty old, there is no need to replace it. You can still use it in various ways.


Top 7 Innovative And Useful Ways To Continue Using an Old iPhone:

1. As a Media Player


There is no need to carry a separate media player when you have a spare and old iPhone at home! Take out the old SIM or insert an invalid SIM in its SIM slot to evade seeing the ‘NO SIM’ notification frequently. Then connect it with your iMac or MacBook. Then it will get detected by Once you activate the device, using it as a media player is pretty easy.

2. As a Webcam



If you are not happy with the webcam in your MacBook or want a webcam for use with your Mac Mini, the old iPhone can come in handy. For this you will have to jailbreak the device. There are third party utilities like Qik that lets you use the device as a webcam.

3. As a Remote Controller


Remote Controller

You may use an old iPhone as a remote control unit for many gadgets and devices. You can use one Apple app named ‘Remote’ which lets you control Apple TV and iTunes. To use some of the third party apps that let your iPhone function as a remote control, jail breaking the device is necessary.

4. Internet Access



Even with the cellular connectivity disabled, your iPhone can be used to access web using WiFi. Enable WiFi in the device and log in to your home WiFi network to access web, reply to mails and check social media profiles. All these activities can also be done at various public Wi-Fi hotspots when you are outside.

5. As Car Music Player


There is no need to use USB sticks to play back music in the car when you have an old iPhone! Some cars have docking ports for the device. You can carry a lot of music in the device, as it is.

6. As a Surveillance Device


You can very well use an old iPhone as a surveillance device in your home, this can be helpful when there is a baby or disabled person in the house. You will need to use a WiFi network and resort to third party apps like Presence. You may fit a rotating stand with the device so that it covers a 360 degree view.

7. As a Voice Recorder



If your work involves doing lots of interviews, you may use the old iPhone as a nice and handy voice recorder. Make use of the useful apps like Voice Record Pro and Voice Recorder.

Summing It Up

It is quite clear that your old iPhone can be used in numerous ways for some more years, even when you do not use it for making and receiving calls. In fact, using the device in the aforesaid ways help you save a lot of money. It will give you much better value than what you will get by exchanging the device for a new phone.