How To Extend My Laptop Battery Life

Laptops have become truly indispensable digital companions and their popularity and usability has not reduced much despite arrival of smaller computing devices and gadgets. Without laptops, computing on the move remains somewhat incomplete and the conveniences offered by these devices are undeniable. Unlike their desktop counterparts, laptops come equipped with a battery unit which runs the machine when not connected to the mains power. You count on the laptop battery to perform several tasks on the move, but it can let you down sometimes. What to do when you find a fast depleting battery and a presentation is ahead? What if you forget to carry the charger unit while going to a seminar?

Laptop Battery Life

Methods To Extend Battery Life of Your Laptop

Thankfully, you can resort to a number of effective methods to make your laptop run longer on battery in specific situations.

Below listed are a few tips that will help you extract more juice out of the notebook battery. As it is, these methods will not exactly make the battery enhanced, but enable you to reduce power consumption by various components and peripherals, resulting in longer run-time.

1. Switching To Economy Mode

No matter if you use a Toshiba or Dell laptop, there is a power saver mode in its settings. The options may be listed as Economy or energy saver as well. Switching to this mode makes the laptop components like screen, HDD and ports consume the least amount of power and thereby help you stretch battery life by a margin. Of course, you will have to cope with slower performance and dimmed display, but the extra battery life is worth it!

2. Turn Off Unnecessary Ports

Advanced users do not rely solely on Economy mode to make the laptop run longer on battery! They customize the settings and disable the ports that are not needed temporarily. You can save some more battery life by disabling the HDMI or Ethernet port if you do not need it. You can also switch off WiFi and Bluetooth.

3. Screen And Keyboard

You may make the laptop run longer on battery by reducing screen brightness and keyboard backlighting. Some laptops come with variable brightness settings for keyboard. If it is daytime, you can deactivate the backlighting altogether. Similarly, you can reduce the screen resolution to save energy. Some laptops come with FullHD and higher resolutions, and when running on battery you can use lower resolution.

4. Use Software Sparingly

It is wrong to think only hardware parts consume battery power in the laptop. If you multitask and run a few apps together when the notebook is running on battery, it will result in reduced battery life. Run the apps that are necessary to save battery power. Close unnecessary tabs open in web browser as well. Running resource hogging apps like graphic and video editors should be avoided as they tax the CPU and graphic chipset of the laptop significantly.

5. Ensure The Laptop Stays Cool

It is necessary that you ensure the laptop stays relatively cool to make the battery last longer. If the air vents are blocked, the bottom side of the device will heat up. It not only affects the battery longevity adversely but the internal parts of the laptop can also get damaged and worn out in the long run. You can use laptop cooling pads to make sure the device runs cool.

While using the aforementioned tips will surely help you extract longer run time from laptop battery, at times you can carry a spare battery. This can be necessary when you need to use the laptop on a long flight or have meetings that will last throughout the day.