How to Get Rid of Computer Desktop Clutter

Of course, computers have become the next best thing to being happy. Even the youngest child of the household is really excited about and gets on the net every once in a while to check out the latest games and play with his/her buddies. That is a common sight, and we cannot really run from it. So well, to keep your computer hale and hearty, you should follow a few steps. But when you look at your system, you would find that a lot of times there are a huge amount of different kinds of files which are really unnecessary and useless on the desktop. But hey, you might not be sure what is good and what can be thrown, right? Well, here’s a simple rule which you can follow and clear up your own mess. The rule is: remember what you use. This would be able to help you get to the next step of clearing out the computer desktop clutter.

Cling and Clutter

A lot of problems can happen because of a cluttered desktop:

• Finding files become a really hard job that you don’t like to do.
• Finding something fast would not be an easy thing to do.
• The desktop looks really dirty and you would end up downloading way too many temporary files.
• Switching your files from one place to another shall be a pain.
• Clutter is such a turn off to look at.

So here’s a guide to start off cleaning your system as soon as possible. Here’s what you do:

• Check and delete all the files you do not use anymore. Do you have copies of the file saved elsewhere? In that case, you can remove it. You can also remove a lot of unwanted shortcuts to applications which are right there on your start menu or quick launch bar. Just hit delete and the unwanted files will be going to the recycle bin.
• Make folders to keep your files in. That makes sense. Instead of going a lot further and sorting out all your icons and files, just put them under the right order, and you shall have some really clean moments with your system. All you have to do is create folders under which you can store files. This way, you can create as many or as few folders you like.
• We often forget the essential Quick launch bar. If something is needed really fast, all you have to do is shift it to the quick launch bar and it would be really fast to download it off that area and clear it out.
• Move all the files to My Documents to save a lot of clutter. All you need to do is to find all the unwanted desktop files, and copy them to the folder. This reduces the irritating need to search, as you know everything is right inside the documents folder.
• Do you know about the desktop cleanup wizard? Strange as it may seem, Windows has a program which lets you make a single folder and remove all unwanted icons from your desktop, depending on the priority they possess.
These tips would help you organize and settle your problems with your desktop.