How To Get Rid Of Desktop Toolbars

Maintaining a personal computer is normally a very big priority in the minds of many computer owners as that good look on your desktop will give you a good feel even when you are working. It is a very annoying experience therefore when unwanted programs or files show up such as web browser toolbars. Toolbars can pose quite a big problem to computer users with desktop toolbars also very prevalent.

Some desktop toolbars are genuine and come from software companies with the main task of monitoring and recording data of your online habits and search questions. The collected private information is then sent to the host site of that toolbar and can be exploited so as to send you some target online ads. The information may also be very sensitive for instance user names and passwords or online bank account numbers which can be used in fraudulent activities. However, some may be caused by harmful adware or software that you may have installed on your computer either knowingly or unknowingly.
Desktop toolbars can be very irritating to the user and so an individual ought to totally uninstall or hide them. Removing a toolbar completely is normally not an easy task as most get downloaded and installed on your computer’s hard drive without user knowledge or consent. You may also encounter sophisticated toolbars with the ability to block uninstallation or even re-install on your desktop after you have removed them. Such smart toolbars will normally have concealed re-installers. It is therefore quite impossible to completely remove a toolbar manually. Some may hide from the possible detection by antivirus software or the possible blocking by firewalls as they can deeply attach themselves with the major parts of your default browser.

Hiding a Desktop Toolbar in Windows XP and 2000

In order to hide a desktop toolbar in windows 2000 and XP, open the task bar and try to right click on an empty part in it. You should then use your mouse to select “Toolbars” where you should choose the specific toolbars you wish to hide.

Removing a Desktop Toolbar from Windows XP and 2000

Uninstalling a desktop toolbar from your computer can either be done from you browser or from your control panel.

When using your browser, select “View” and then choose “Toolbars”. A list of all the toolbars you have will appear you can uncheck the ones you don’t want.

When using your control panel, click on the “start” button and then select “control panel”. Go straight to the “Add/Remove Programs” option and click twice. All the current software installed on your computer will appear. Select the name of the specific toolbar that you wish to get rid of and enter “Remove”.

A desktop toolbar can therefore pose a big security concern to any computer user and so an individual should always ensure proper measures are put in place. It is important to regularly update proper anti-adware, anti spyware and anti-virus softwares as well as putting up effective firewalls to shield your computer from threats and alien programs.