How To Get Rid of Dust Inside Your Computer

Computers are those things which you cannot live with or without. But cleaning them is surely one of the worst chores you can take up and a lot of people hate doing it for fear of failure. However, we have a solution now which can get rid of the grime easily.

What You’ll Need

Here are some things you may need before trying out any of the suggested methods for cleaning

  • Canisters of compressed air or small electric air compressors.
  • Anti-static wrist strap
  • Dust mask
  • Anti-static cleaning cloth
  • Natural fiber brush
  • Cleaning fluid
  • Keyboard vacuum with a non-metallic nozzle
  • Small plastic containers

dust filled computer

Getting Down and Dirty

  • Read the instruction manual. The instruction manual should be your bible if you are new in the game.
  • Power off your system. Remove all unnecessary plugs and power cables, and turn of your system. While doing so, you might want to keep an eye out for what fits where, so that you can assemble it back after cleaning.
  • Work in an appropriate space. Try doing your work somewhere which is not only clean but also dust free. A closed area would be inappropriate in this case.
  • Carefully remove your computer’s CPU case. Use a screwdriver to open up your computer’s CPU case.
  • Put on your static wrist strap. Before doing anything put the static wrist strap and dust mask on.
  • Vacuum. Use your vacuum to clean out the interior of the computer, carefully brushing down the fans and other areas.
  • Air it. Use the canister of compressed air on the computer, not putting it directly in, but from a distance.
  • Brush it. Use a static-free brush to brush away the dirt and grime from the interiors.
  • Test your cleaning fluid. Check for any negative reactions coming from your cleaning fluid. To do that, just use it on a tiny part of the computer first.
  • Cleaning fluid. Use it with any kind of anti-static cloth.
  • Leave it to the professionals. You can hire a professional to do the duty as well.
  • Clean the panels. Use a static wrist wrap and a cleaning cloth with a smearing of the fluid to clean up the exterior.
  • Put it all back. Reassemble your computer after cleaning.
  • How often? Once every six months shall do the trick.

Keeping the Dust Away

  • Elevate your computer.
  • Have a second fan installed.
  • Cover your PCI slots.
  • Maintain good ventilation.

Don’t Do These

Do not do the following:

  • Use a hairdryer.
  • Blow on the dust.
  • Lose your user’s manual.
  • Smoke.

Cleaning up your computer can actually lower your chances of changing it every once in a while, and you can get a lot more out of each computer by just maintaining a few steps, following which would help you reduce chances of getting them beyond repair.