How To Get Rid of Internet Addiction

Long gone are the days when international communication was such a big problem with people having to use postal mails or making expensive long distance calls to reach their friends, relatives or clients. The advent of computer technology has transformed the world into a global village and nowadays even people from distant or opposite corners of the world can chat one on one using the internet. A student or anyone wishing to do some research wont have to walk into a library or go to school since the internet offers a ready well equipped library for all your research needs. The internet therefore offers a comfortable home for any interested user offering diverse services like games, social networking, music, online shopping, movies and general research.

Regardless of all these benefits of using the internet, it may also turn dangerous when it causes Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) in an individual. Too much of anything is dangerous and so is the internet as too much of it can result to an obsession. An individual may fall addict of such internet activities like online gaming, chatting, email, blogging, surfing, watching videos, social networks like twitter and listening to music just to mention a few.

The Signs of Internet Addiction

IAD should not be taken lightly as it falls under the category of obsessive-compulsive disorders. It is a craving to indulge in some personally adopted ritual. It manifests itself through visible signs and symptoms such as:

  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Increased anxiety if internet is absent
  • Constant headaches
  • Dry eyes
  • Laziness or neglecting other tasks
  • Introverted behaviour to spend time online
  • Decreased productivity

Effects of Internet Addiction

  • Deteriorated and damaged relationships. An individual suffering from Internet Addiction Disorder may find no time and use for friends and family. He or she will tend to sideline the loved ones so as to get ample time with the internet.
  • Poor eyesight. The light a computer omits is very powerful and may destroy the eye cells if an individual spends extended periods of time in front of a computer.
  • Back pains and weight issues. Work with no play made jack a dull boy. Internet surfing involves no substantial amount of rigorous physical exercise as the only major body movement is movement of the hands when typing. Lack of exercise may result in health complications such as obesity and back pains.

Getting Rid of Internet Addiction

Overcoming any form of addiction is normally a difficult process which requires high levels of personal discipline and commitment. Some steps you can follow to get rid of internet addiction include:

  • Do a personal assessment of all your online activities and seek to find out exactly which one of them has addicted you. Recovering from any addiction always starts with identifying the exact problem.
  • Examine your past behaviour since the addiction started and figure out the negative effects that has impacted to you.
  • Identify the benefits you stand to gain by reduced internet activity which could be improved relations or improved health.
  • Develop a reforming schedule. List all activities you need to do every day and allocate time for each. Always go online after accomplishing all the set tasks and don’t overspend time there as well. Always leave enough time for sleep.
  • Develop self discipline and stick to the set schedule. When you fill tempted to over engage in the internet, get a quick reminder of the harmful effects of Internet Addiction Disorder and immediately switch to the set schedule.

Internet has undoubtedly brought new life to the world. Internet is the sewing fabric holding the globe together and is very crucial for any individual or organisation that wishes to be up to date with world occurrences. However, too much of it can turn fatal and so much care should be taken by all internet users to make sure one doesn’t fall addict.