How To Get Rid of Internet Explorer

In the industrial age, not many had a close contact experience with computers; leave alone the internet which came alongside the computers, as most of the work was done manually even the recording and entry of information in offices. Then came the Information Age, where a lot of people lost their manual jobs as computers made work easier and substituted a significant amount of manpower. In today’s world, almost every individual is computer literate especially among the young generation and so the internet experience has become widespread. A competent internet user will confess to have browsed the web using Internet Explorer (IE) which is the leading browser in terms of being used by the most people with a market share of about (70-80)%. It normally comes permanently installed in the windows operating system which also happens to be the most widely used operating system (OS).

However, the more something is open to public use the more open it also gets to abuse and misuse by the same public. Having a market share of around 80%, the Internet Explorer has also been the main target of continued internet crime.
Disadvantages of using the internet explorer your default browser

  • Slow browsing. The big population making use of this IE browser contributes too much internet traffic and slowed browsing speed making it inconvenient and unreliable.
  • Escalated crime levels. Many internet hackers and scammers target Internet Explorer as they can access most internet users there. Online accounts are getting hacked every now and then by hackers who have taken advantage of populous browsers like IE to track their victims.
  • Less features. IE is not a flexible and customizable browser compared to other smart browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome which offer more features like download managers, pop-up blockers and tabbed browsing.
  • Internet explorer is very delicate and open to spyware, obscene online adverts in the form of pop ups and banners as well as harmful drive-by downloads and malware like trojans and viruses

Getting Rid of Internet Explorer Browser

One big challenge when trying to remove Internet Explorer completely from your computer, is the fact that it is tightly integrated into the Windows Operating System, and can therefore cripple your system or make it highly unstable. Other applications and services by Windows such as the Windows Update Service must use the IE’s engine to access and download relevant updates from the Microsoft home website.

It is therefore impossible to remove the IE web browser permanently from your computer but a person seeking a new browsing experience can do so by simply downloading and installing another web browser such as Mozilla Firefox and Opera Mini which are faster, convenient and easier to use. All you need to do is to research alternative web browsers and select one that you wish to install. You should then visit their website to get more information on downloading and application and you are good to go.
Just like a man loves his car and does everything to enhance its appearance and performance, so does a regular internet user in searching for the best applications and browsers to add that sensual feel to the entire browsing experience.