How To Get Rid of Internet Toolbars

Every active internet user yearns for that wholesome internet experience every time they turn on their browser. A spacious internet window not only appeals to the eyes of the user but also sets forth a neat and professional working environment, where the user doesn’t have to stumble upon unwanted toolbars lined along the top part of the window. These unwanted toolbars mostly make it to your browser when other software are being installed and in most cases a user doesn’t know until the next visit to the internet when new toolbars pop on your internet window. It is therefore of uttermost importance to get rid of unwanted toolbars and give your browser a renewed clear look with increased window space and similarly a wonderful satisfying surfing experience.

Getting Rid of Toolbars in Mozilla Firefox

When using Mozilla Firefox as your default browser, you can choose to remove toolbars from your internet window by either hiding or uninstalling them.

Hiding a toolbar will involve opening Firefox and the clicking “View” on the menu. Select “Toolbars” which will outline a list of all the installed toolbars in your browser. Uncheck those that you intend to hide.

When uninstalling the toolbars, open Firefox and select “Tools” on the menu followed by “Add-ons”. All installed Firefox add-ons will appear in a list which will include all the toolbars installed in your computer. Select those that you wish to remove and click “Uninstall”. For the ones you may need later, you can select “Disable” instead which will deactivate them but still retain them in your browser.

Getting Rid of Toolbars in Internet Explorer

You can also choose to hide or uninstall toolbars in internet explorer browser. In the hiding option, open your browser and right click on a blank space of a toolbar. A menu will appear displaying all the installed toolbars on your browser. Uncheck the ones you want to hide but incase you need them in future, it will only be a matter of re-checking them

When uninstalling the toolbars, close the internet explorer browser and click the “start” button on your computer. Select the “control panel” followed by double clicking on “Add/Remove Programs”. All software installed on your computer will appear select the toolbars you wish to uninstall and enter “Remove”.

Getting Rid of Toolbars in Opera browser

Hiding a tool bar in an opera browser entails more or less the same process as in mozilla firefox and internet explorer browsers. You go to the menu and select “View” followed by “Toolbars” which will display all installed toolbars in your browser. Like in the previous browsers, uncheck those toolbars that you want to hide and you can re-check them later if you need them.

In the case of uninstalling them, go to the menu and select “Tools” followed by “Preferences”. You should then choose the “Advanced” option and select “Toolbars”. Check any unwanted toolbar and enter “Delete”.

In a sophisticated information age that we are living in, it’s very important to be careful when you are using your computer, than be sorry when you fall under the dangerous traps of internet hackers and scammers. Always make sure you get rid of unwanted internet toolbars that may pose a threat to your system.