How To Get Rid of Malware

The word ‘malware’ is a combination for malicious and software which refers to any type of software that has been created with malicious intent. The severity of these files can be anywhere from simple annoying, to outright dangerous and hostile. Depending on the intent of the creator the malware can be one of many different things. Viruses, worms, spyware, abusive adware, botnets and Trojans are all examples of malware which can have an adverse effect on your computer.

Types of Malware

Viruses – These are the most common type of malware that people will find on their computers. Just like a biological virus, these are designed to replicate once they are run and will release itself into all the files on your computer. They can appear in different types such as viruses that simply change some of your files or corrupt some to viruses that completely destruct all of the files on your computer.

Spyware – This type of malware if the highest security risk to a computer’s data. As the name suggests, this is actually a way of entering someone’s computer and monitoring their activity secretly. The ultimate goal of using this type of malware will be to eventually take control of the person’s computer and potentially steal the information or even the identity of the user. The main use of this type of malware involves stealing bank card numbers, passwords and usernames.

Adware – Although this type of malware is generally not dangerous, it is very annoying for people who are trying to use their computers. Pop ups of different ads will keep appearing on the screen and this can become incessant and is an incredibly difficult software to get rid of and delete.

Getting Malware off Your Computer

The best way to stop malware from affecting your computer is to never allow them from getting on in the first place. By setting up a good quality antivirus and anti spyware system on your computer you can prevent most of the malware from ever entering your computer. These types of software work well to keep up to date with all the latest malware that is found and can quarantine it before it is able to attack your computer in any way. Using antispyware or antivirus software you can run a scan of your entire hard drive which will allow you to see if there are any underlying malware items that are already lurking behind the scenes. It will also update its information and warnings regularly so that you can check for new types of malware which may be created at any time.

Due to the ever changing nature of malware, it is impossible to ensure that no malware will ever be allowed onto your computer. Though, by keeping an up to date version of antivirus and anti spyware software on your PC you can make sure that the chances of your computer being affected in any way by this type of virus or software are limited to the least possible chances.