How To Get Rid Of Messy Computer Cables

Isn’t it an eyesore to have messy computer cables at the back or side of your computer? Don’t you just hate it when you are left with a mess to deal with when you’re trying to disconnect a device from your computer? Messy computer cables can cause damage to your computer indirectly; however, the sight of that mess may instantly turn you off. Getting rid of these eyesores of a mess can improve organization; make the space safer, and the office/entertainment space in which it inhabits. So follow these ideas and tips to get those messy computer cables in order.

  • Safety: Safety first!! Carefully shut down all electronics. Making sure all electronics are shut down, begin to carefully remove unplug and remove the cables. *If you own a surge protector, it is important to unplug them first before unplugging any other cables. Once everything is safely unplugged, clean the cables free from dust and dirt with a damp soft rag. For anything stubborn dirt and dust, use a soapy rag. * Be careful to not come in contact with the ends.

Arrange: Before any reorganizing can occur, figuring out how to organize the cables is the first step. Analyze and determine how you will place cables in a nice and orderly way. Once the plan to rearrange your cables is in place, be sure to straighten out the cables. This will not only make organizing the cables easier, but will save you tons of money from the cables becoming damaged. One of the easiest ways to begin grouping cables is to bundle them. Bundling all of your cables and tying them with a strong cable tie will keep organization and order to your cables.

  • Reconnect: Once the cables have been cleaned, rearranged, and bundled; reconnecting the cables will be a piece of cake. Plug in the cables accord to the electronics. Do not force any cables that may not fit. Also make sure the cables are tightly secured. Giving them tug or two will make sure they will not break away from their port and the bundle.

Another Alternative: Go wireless!!