How To Get Rid of Plasma Screen Burn-in

Who does not like a flashy new Plasma screen TV. They are big, sexy and really cool, with a huge array of advanced features which are indeed fantastic. They can produce digital music and that make them suited to adding an entertainment systems. Though they are really well-made and with obvious structural beauty, they do have some errors which might hinder them. One of them is definitely the screen burn-in. This means, if the TV is on for a long time, you can see that one single image is imprinted on the TV’s memory.

This is not a problem with the picture tube, as commonly mistaken, but a natural problem occurring from heat.

Constant Barrage of “White Noise”

Flashing dots in white might often be displayed, called “White noise,” as your TV refuses to pick up any signal. As the dots are distributed evenly, the phosphors are used and the after image fazes out. To get rid of this, play your TV for a few hours to reduce the images and fade them off.

Moving Images

You can now get rid of your White Noise problem and at the same time watch your favorite shows. Just do the following checks before you switch to your favorite channel –

  • There should be a lot of moving pictures and images and shifting locations and scenes.
  • There should be no fixed channel logo or icon. If there is, then that is bad for the white noise condition, and should be eradicated.
  • Well, if you are really desperate, you can watch a film on a DVD or a favorite TV show series that you like.
    If the shows match you can have a gala time trying to erase the burn-ins.

Quick Channel Surfing

Constantly browsing through channels for hours can actually solve the problem. the constant change would slowly make sure that the placement of the phosphors are well-distributed and equally done.

Anti-Burn-In Program

You can actually use a kind of anti-burn-in program, like Jscreenfix, which is available online. If you let it work on your computer for six hours, it can work wonders. All you need to do is go online, download the Jscreenfix from the net. Then using cables hook up your screen with your computer, and then turn on the brightness, contrast, and resolution of the screen to the max. Then run the software and let it work on your computer till about six hours. if the after image fades after you ended the program, then let the TV and computer rest for some time before you run it again for six hours. Check the screen and do not let the software run for more than six hours at a time.

Screen Calibration DVD

If you have a screen calibration DVD then you should use it on your computer for best results. Just read the instructions, and work accordingly. These are available both in stores and in the net.

The Lowdown

You should definitely go for the final two methods if the first ones fail. The most sure-shot way to get the screen corrected are those. However, if you feel that these cannot be healed then you should think of contacting a professional.