How To Get Rid Of Pop Ups

Pop ups are generally any web browser window that comes up without your permission. There are three types of pop ups. Typical pop ups are generally advertisements that are run when you visit certain websites. Pop unders are pretty much the same as pop ups, except they come up behind the current web browser window. These are also usually advertisements. Finally, there are exit consoles. These are pop ups that come up when you try to leave a web page. They generally try to keep you on the page, or get you to enter personal information. There are also floating ads, which are not a separate window but float around the screen while you are on a website.

Causes of Pop Ups

All pop-up windows are the result of running a program, usually from a website or a program on your computer. The most common type of pop ups are run when you open a website, as this is a common form of advertising. There are also pop ups that are caused by spyware or adware. These programs are installed on your computer, usually without your knowledge, and they cause pop ups to come up constantly no matter what website you visit.
Other pop ups are caused by viruses. They are called viruses because they are transmitted from one computer to the next. These acts similar to spyware or adware, popping up windows for advertisements or that spy on your computer usage.

Getting Rid of Pop Ups

If you are getting pop ups caused by websites, you have a few options. First, update your internet browser. This will get you the best pop up protection available to ward off most of them. You might also add a tool bar that blocks pop-up windows from appearing, such as Google, Yahoo or Windows Live. Be careful which tool bars you install, however, as some of them are spyware or adware and can actually be causing your pop ups.

If you still see pop ups everywhere you turn, you probably have adware or spyware on your computer. This is very easy to remove. First, check for viruses by running antivirus software. If this doesn’t turn up anything, run spyware checking software. Whichever one turns up the program causing the pop ups, the software should give you step by step instructions for removing it.