How to Get Rid of System Tool 2011

System Tool 2011 is one of those very legitimate-sounding software that really is very malicious. It is what is known as a “rogue anti-virus” program.

A rogue anti-virus program is the one that is most characterized by presenting you with false computer alerts. For instance, you might receive a notice that you have viruses on your computer, whether you do or not.

The main reason for this is to trick you into buying a software that claims to remove viruses. However, it may do just the opposite. It might actually infect your entire computer and make you vulnerable to hacking and identity theft.

You need to take prompt action against rogue anti-virus software and fake alerts. These are among the most deceptive of all attempts to spread malware today.

Therefore, do whatever you can to learn more about how you can protect yourself and get rid of this kind of treat. Keep in mind not to get discouraged because this is one of the most difficult programs to remove. However, it is not impossible to wipe it off your computer.


1. Restart your computer, if you are able. Rogue viruses spread very quickly even if you have not responded by clicking on any prompts. Usually when this kind of computer attacks your computer you cannot even access the “Start” menu because it may be missing or frozen. You may need to try pressing the computer keys “CNTRL + Alt + DEL” to open your computer task manager.

2. If you are unable to restart, shut off your computer. This is a last resort in hopes that you will be able to reach your true virus scanner upon restart. However, beware that you may not be able to. (Hopefully you have a backup which we will expound on later.)

3. After restart, look for a “processes” tab. This is visible on your computer’s Task Manager if you can access it still. The hope is that your virus on your computer has not spread so rapidly that your computer is paralyzed. If you notice a group of randomly-generated numbers, chances are these are a result of a rogue virus implant. Right-click on them (or the process that causes this) and select “end process.”

4. Do not waste any time while doing this. When it comes to eliminating a rogue virus every second counts. If you wait too long you may have to reinstall everything on your hard drive instead of simply deleting the virus. To prevent computer crash, work as quickly as possible while doing this.

5. Keep researching about malware, and protect yourself. This will help you from future harmful hacking and attacks. It will help keep your computer clean and running smoothly if you know as much as possible about the possible malicious infections that could harm you. Using the latest and most reliable kinds of virus scanners will help you the most.

6. For further protection be careful when web surfing. Use caution when opening websites you do not know. It helps to have an authentic virus alert on your computer just in case you do. Then, you can immediately remove the threat. However, after hearing about rogue viruses you have every reason to be cautious about this too.