How To Get Rid of the Windows Operating System

Windows is widely used everywhere but still it is not the perfect system. There are problems of security and privacy problems. And therefore there are eyes of hackers and scammers on this operating system. It is therefore important to at least know certain alternatives for windows operating system.

Have you heard of Linux? It is a very good alternative as available for windows operating system. Linux is a free operating system and it can be used for free. Also, it is an open project and so anyone who has some knowledge of Linux can make certain changes in the system.

There are a few reasons first as to why you need to get rid of windows operating system.

  1. Windows is not free. But unlike windows Linux is free. And so one can use this in alternative to windows operating system.
  2. One needs to be completely tension free while using Linux. This is because there are no problems such as malware, Trojans etc. Since most of the malwares are made especially for windows. But these malwares won’t damage Linux and other alternatives.
  3. Again, you wish that your computer remains fast, effective as well as efficient. And the most important function you want your computer to perform is surfing the internet. And as compared to windows operating system, Linux is truly a helpful and effective alternative.
    4. You can merely burn the CD to start Linux functions. And thus there are no inbuilt modifications or changes that take place. So, you don’t have to worry much about the changed internal settings.

Now, looking into this alternative do you really want to get rid of windows operating system> If yes, then proceed in the following manner:

  1. Download Linux of your choice. This is the first step. Fore this you will have to visit Linux website.
  2. Then you need to take back up of your files.
  3. After this, while you are using Linux see to it that you read all the instructions properly on the Linux site. You may even post for help and get the required assistance.
  4. Install Linux once you are aware of all the loop holes. If you do not know how to install it on your own then the best way to do it is to take some professional help.

However, if you are quite comfortable with your windows operating system and if you do not want to make any changes in your working pattern then what you need to do is install all the possible security and safety measures for preventing malware. You must also ask your computer engineer to visit once in 3 months and get the computer and the system serviced.

Installing Linux is pretty simple. But it is a bit new thing for people who do not know and are first timers. And so in such a case it would be better to take some help of the engineers. Just go ahead and do what you want.