How To Get Rid of Troj_Genrz3090

Troj_Genrz3090 is a virus that can affect your Windows operating system almost as soon as it is downloaded onto your computer. However, it is possible to get rid of this problem before it destroys all your programs and data.

Removing this malicious software is very easy to do. In fact, most computers nowadays have the Malicious Software Removal Tool that comes with most Windows machines.

If for some reason it is not on your machine you may be able to download it from the Microsoft website. However, this program is meant for newer version is of Windows.

If this program is on your computer it just takes a short series of steps to use for removing the viruses. Just follow the short process below and you will be on your way to cleaning up your computer of Troj_Genrz3090.


1. Go to the “Start” menu. Then, click on “Run,” which is a command that is listed on the “Start” menu. (On Windows 7 it is not listed on the this menu. However, you can search for “run ” from the “Start” menu and the click on the icon labeled “run.” In the field titled “Open” you would enter the name of the program.)

2. Type in the initials “MRT” in the appropriate place. This is what will run the program you would use to get rid of the Trojan horse that is affecting your computer. (Of course, “MRT” is a shortened form of Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool.)

3. Press “Enter” on your keyboard. You would do this right after you type in the file name (“MRT”) in the “Run” field. The tool that you need to use for cleaning your system should then open.

4. Press “Next” and begin your scan. This process only takes about five minutes. You will be alerted about the virus as it is detected and then you will have a chance to remove it when prompted.

5. Confirm deletion of the Trojan horse. Usually there is a record of scans that have been completed. In there it should also tell you if unwanted objects have been removed. If it hasn’t been removed, move on to the next step and it will be.

6. Restart your computer. If the virus still appears present on your computer you should restart it. After your computer reboots the virus that was there should not appear to be on your system any more. To make sure you can open the scan history (records) of the MRT program.

7. Take addition protective actions. For instance, you can find a reliable virus scanning tool to use for automatic detection of any unwanted spy ware, malware, viruses, and so on. Most of today’s popular and reliable software also provide immediate alerts if you are about to click on a website or e-mail link or are about to download a file or attachment. This is the best way to prevent any damage to your system.

8. Never respond to suspicious alerts, messages, etc. This is another preventative action you can take once you are through using the Windows MRT software. For instance, if you are presented an alert that you have a virus but it is not from a source you recognize beware.

It could be a fake alert. Furthermore, never click on any links in e-mails and certainly do not enter user names or passwords via an e-mail link. Instead, copy and past the link into your web browser to see where it goes.