How To Get Rid of Unwanted Items In A Photo

Taking photographs is a great way to capture the memories of weddings, birthday parties, vacations, and other events. With digital photography taking dominance, capturing memories is even easier than ever before. Digital photography opens up new avenues for capturing memories on camera and for getting them just right.

It happens often that when you go back to look at a picture you realize there is something in there that doesn’t belong. You might wish you had moved the view finder a bit to the right or that you had come at something from a different angle. However, this is easily fixed if you have photography software.

Removing Unwanted Items

You want your pictures to be picture perfect, but it is often difficult to achieve perfection when taking photographs. That is why we need the software that allows us to take that photo and make it perfect. Most digital cameras come with basic photo editing software that will help you remove unwanted items from your pictures. Did you accidentally get your messy living room in the picture of your toddler taking their first steps? Maybe you have to get rid of that horrible red eye that often occurs in pictures. With editing software you can easily remove these unwanted items from your pictures.

Cropping is the easiest way to remove unwanted items from your photographs. It is simple and easy to do, yet works perfectly. It is essentially the same thing as cutting a photograph with scissors. You just drag the edges of the picture until the unwanted items are no longer in the photograph. Click to crop, then save your changes.

Make sure that when you crop a picture you maintain the rule of thirds and keep balance to the photograph. To avoid having to crop pictures, you should carefully examine the frame before clicking that shutter button on your camera. You should also take multiple shots at various angles for backups.

Removing red eye is even easier than cropping. This is the most common unwanted item in a picture, and it is very easy to fix with any photo editing software. The red eye effect occurs when the flash is on your camera and it flashes directly in the eyes of the person you are taking a picture of. To remove red eye, simply go into your photo editing software, zoom onto the part of the picture with red eye, and select the area that has the red eye. Then click the red eye removal button. To avoid red eye you can turn off the flash on your camera when it is not needed for lighting.

In some cases you will need to do more than crop a photo to get unwanted items out of the picture. To do this you will need advanced photo editing software that is capable of cloning, blurring, and patching. Blurring the background of a photo is a great way to hide unwanted items without having to remove them. Select the person or item in the foreground and lock it so that changes will not be made to it. Then, blur the items in the background slowly. Start with a small amount of blurring and work your way up until the unwanted item is no longer noticeable.