How To Scan For And Remove Spyware On Your Laptop

Technology can often prove to be a dual edged sword and PC users feel both the edges, literally! While you can hardly stay without using the PC and accessing internet nowadays the pitfalls are quite tough to evade. You will find it hard to fathom how a stealthy malware or spyware gets into your system, evading scan of a reputed antivirus suite. It does happen to users and you may not be safe either.

Ways To Spot Spyware And Malware Infection

As it is, you will not venture into removing spyware and other malware from the laptop or desktop unless you can spot the signs. Unfortunately, the signs of spyware infection can vary from one instance to another. Some PC users are lucky and cautious enough to spot the infection at an early stage-which also eases the removal process. However, some stealthy malware variants manage to stay hidden in the OS core files and invite other malware. The users only get to know when significant damage is done. The results could be seriously damaging including personal data theft and software corruption.


The major signs and symptoms of spyware infection can include:

  • Web browser homepage getting changed and various toolbars appearing
  • Commonly used apps, acting weird
  • Pop ups appearing without opening web browsers
  • PC becoming sluggish and crashing unexpectedly

Ways to Eliminate Spyware or Malware from Your System

Eliminating spyware and other malware from your laptop can be a tricky process. You should try all available measures and adopt a systematic approach for success. Below listed are top ways to remove spyware from the PC:

Use More Powerful Malware Cleaners

If malware and spyware has made it to your laptop, it means the existing antivirus is not effective against such apps. You will need to deploy other security software. Now, there are several options for this.

Use Safe Mode

At times, it may not be easy to detect the presence of a malware when you use the PC normally. If the antivirus is not compromised, run it in safe mode and see if it can detect any rogue app. Nowadays, most antivirus apps support Safe Mode as it is.

Try Removal By Uninstall

Amazing as it may sound to you, some malware or adware can actually be removed just by using Windows uninstaller. These are low risk spyware and may serve the purpose of inviting other malware. In Control Panel, you can use the Add/Remove programs component to see the list of installed apps. The app suspected of acting weird can be removed after selection. However, you may also use third party uninstallers to eradicate such apps and remove entries from Registry too. Rebooting the PC may be required after installing such software.

  1. You can use a free antivirus with antispyware component in it. There are contenders from the stables of AVG, Avira and Zonealarm etc. Some of them offer robust malware detection and removal performance.
  2. You can use cloud based, online free malware scanners. These tools are fortified with latest virus signatures and every time you run them, you can be assured of the defense against newer malware strains. The notable contenders are F Secure Online Scanner, Bitdefender Quickscan and Trend Micro Housecall. These scanners are free and some of them do not even require installation.
  3. If 2 of the aforesaid types of apps fail to eliminate malware from the system, you should try a commercial antivirus.

Use Rescue Disk/USB Drive

You can find a few PC security companies offering malware cleanup solutions in forms of Rescue disc or USB stick. These are handy when our PC is infected with some stubborn spyware or malware and all other cleanup options have failed to work. Some of the top contenders are ESET SysRescue Live and Trend Micro Rescue Disk .

Summing it Up

The way to eliminate anti spyware from your laptop will depend on the level of infection and your tech acumen, as it is. You should begin with the simplest method and based on result proceed further. You may not feel comfortable changing BIOS settings and using rescue discs but when the need is felt, you have to rise to the occasion!