How Spicy Food Is Good For You

It had been the belief for a long time that eating spicy food was somehow not good for your body. People that appeared to enjoy spicy food – and ate it regularly – were thought of as just being whimsical. Of course the suggestion that spicy food was not good for your health was just that – just a suggestion. Today, we know much more and can state with great confidence that not only is eating spicy not dangerous to you; in fact, eating spicy food on a regular basis may in fact be very good for your body’s health. To find out how spicy food may in fact help your body, read on!

Spicy Foods and Capsaicin


One of the main elements that gives chilli peppers their characteristic hot taste and character is the chemical capsaicin. A number of studies in recent years have demonstrated that capsaicin is not injurious to your body or health at all. On the contrary, capsaicin was proven to have a number of positive health benefits. One of the first of these health benefits is that it increases the rate of metabolism. This is a positive feature as the body is able to metabolize more efficiently. A second health benefit is that it promotes good blood circulation by fighting the forming of blockages in the veins and arteries. Thus, it would obviously be a good fighter against all cardiovascular ailments, including heart disease and strokes.

Capsaicin as a Pain Reliever

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Another feature of spicy food that benefits your health is that capsaicin acts as a pain reliever. One of the major advantages it has as a pain reliever is that it does not have any of the disadvantages other anti-inflammatory painkillers such as aspirin. Other anti-inflammatory pain killers often cause a lot of harm of the lining of the stomach. However, capsaicin, on the other hand, actively protects the stomach lining from any gastric injury or harm.

Spicy Food and Cancer


A medical study in the UK wanted to examine the concentration of certain kinds of cancers in Europe and Western societies and their relative absence in Asian societies. The study found that one reason for the variation is that people in the Asian societies eat a lot of spicy food. The spicy food protected them against the cancers – whereas people in western (since they did not consume spicy food to the same degree) were vulnerable to these cancers.

Spicy Food and Reducing and Managing Body Weight

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Another feature of spicy foods which may be especially attractive to a lot of people is the way that it can assist the body in reducing and managing body weight. In general, spicy food has a lot less calories than regular food. Therefore, your body will be consuming very few calories in the first place.

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Spicy Food has Very Little Bad Fats and Makes you Eat Less

Spicy food has very little of the bad fats that cause cholesterol problems. Spicy foods also have a unique sort of effect. When the body consumes spicy food, it tends to consume less of food in general as people’s appetites appear to be satisfied with smaller quantities of spicy food than larger quantities of other (regular) food.

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So – Will you Venture More into Spicy Foods Now?

Other benefits include that spicy food has a lot of Vitamin A and C, calcium and anti-oxidants. A survey of the medical literature appears to prove that a number of our old beliefs are wrong. These include the beliefs that not only did spicy food not have any specific benefits for your body and health, it also is positively harmful to your body, especially your stomach. Now that we know better – we recommend that you start eating spicy food to your diets immediately! Bon Appetite!

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