How Does Cayenne Pepper Help You Lose Weight

Losing weight is a priority for billions of women and men nowadays as obesity threatens to affect people from various age groups worldwide. There are numerous methods that you can try to shake off excess fat from your body, as it is. However, the crash diets and extreme workouts can have adverse effects on health. The slimming pills are not effective for every obese man or woman as well. Health experts and doctors advise obese people to combine a balanced diet and consistent exercise regime to get back into shape. However, you can include certain herbs and spices in your diet to speed up fat burning process. One such example is cayenne pepper.

Cayenne Pepper

Why Choose Cayenne Pepper To Lose Excess Weight

Cayenne Pepper, named after Cayenne a city in French Guinea, contains an ingredient named Capsaicin. It is said to be thermogenic and so eating Cayenne Pepper can help boost metabolism process in your body. The capsaicin present in this pepper can help burn extra calories after you have taken a meal replete with fatty and high calorie foods. Besides, this ingredient may help in reducing appetite, thus preventing sudden hunger pangs and resultant junk food eating. Research has shown the compound has a number of other health benefits.

Ways To Incorporate Cayenne Pepper In Diet

The good thing is that you can include cayenne pepper in your diet in more than one way.

  • You can use capsules made with this variety of pepper. The capsules are quite affordable and easily found in the market and on the web.
  • You may also add the spice in cooking, but that may not be suitable for everyone.
  • Another way to use it is by grinding the capsule and mixing it with smoothies or fruit juices.
  • It is also a nice idea to use the pepper in powdered form with soups, salads and stews. This enhances flavour of various vegetables.
  • You can also add it to herbal tea mixes though the flavour may not be very soothing.
  • If you want to consume cayenne pepper without putting up with its strong, tangy aroma, opt for the Cayenne pepper drink mixture. You will need to blend it with lemon juice and honey.

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When you cook foods with this pepper it lends an aroma and taste to the dish. This way, you can avoid using fat laden oil or condiments to make the food sumptuous and yummy.

Things To Remember When Consuming Cayenne Pepper

The thermogenic nature of Cayenne pepper may aid in losing excess weight, but you should not depend on that solely. It is necessary that you drink plenty of water, avoid trans-fat and stick to a healthy diet to get optimum weight loss benefits. Besides, you should have realistic expectation for weight loss while using any herb. This is applicable for cayenne pepper as well. The results may take time to show and you have to be consistent with your eating and lifestyle changes. If you use the pepper in its raw form make sure you do not over cook or deep fry it.


Using cayenne pepper may be good to shed off excess flab but you need to be cautious. Not everyone can digest or tolerate the strong flavour and taste of this pepper. Especially, those suffering from gastric issue should evade its use, say the doctors. People who use blood thinners, antacids and aspirin should stay away from its use as well. You need to find out if you are allergic to cayenne pepper before eating it regularly. Using a lot of the pepper in food is not advisable as well.