How To Create A Healthy Relationship With Food

More than 90% of the people share a tumultuous affair with food. There are times when you are in perfect control; but the next moment, you find yourself overindulging. And, the moment you eat that piece of chocolate, you find those ugly guilty pangs slowly lifting their heads. Does this sound familiar? If your answer is a yes, then it is time you start creating a healthy relationship with food. For making peace with food and building a calm and healthy relationship, you need to know the following things.


Physical Versus Emotional Hunger

You all would have heard about these hungers. Emotional hunger is not realistic. It is triggered when you see, smell, or memorize a food of your choice. External stimuli trigger this hunger. You might also experience this type of hunger when you experience certain types of emotions such as anger or happiness. In the case of physical hunger, you feel as is your stomach becomes empty and painful. If you do not satiate this variation of hunger, you will feel tried and irritated.

It very easy to transform your relationship with the food into a healthy one. Check out what you could do.

1. Love Your Food

Food nourishes you; it does not destroy you. It is you who can harm yourself. So start loving your food. Food is your friend; so consider it as one. The moment you start adoring what you eat, you will get on the right track. Release the stuck feeling and embrace the thoughts that you share a healthy relation with food.

2. Differentiate Your Hunger

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You need to learn to differentiate between your physical and emotional hunger. A good way to do is to look at an apple when hunger pangs attack you. If you feel like eating that juicy apple, then yes, it is time for you to eat some food. Or else realize that it is your emotions that is doing the trick.

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3. Create A Hunger Scale

Create a hunger scale where you could rate your hunger between 0 to 10. 10 is an indication of ravenous hunger while zero stands for zero hunger. Eat if and only if your hunger has a rating between 7 and 10. Do not even drink water if you have rated your hunger below 7.

4. Create A Food Journal

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Spend 10 minutes a day writing your food journal. Write down whatever you feel about a food. Write about your feelings truly. The food journal will give you an idea about how you feel about food. It would also help you to deal with the negative emotions you have about food and transform them into positive ones.

5. Listen To What Your Body Says

Learn to trust the instincts. Your body never lies to you. Identify the foods that make you energetic and fresh. Also ensure that you make a list of foods that leave you bloated, sluggish, irritated, and tired. When you are able to identify the foods that your body loves, you will slowly extend the hand of friendship.

6. Drink Water

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Water will keep your hunger pangs under control and will not allow the emotional hunger to display their dirty tricks. Add a zing and flavor to your drink by squeezing in a little lemon. You could even swirl in a little honey when you want a dose of sweet.

Start slowly and incorporate the changes in your eating habits in a conscious and slow way. Do not cut out everything all at once as it could lead to bingeing. Keep your expectations realistic. It takes time and patience to bring in changes. It is better to be late than never. So, start now!