How To Choose Between Production Homes And Custom Homes

Although you probably love the house you currently live in, it’s hard not to be excited when thinking about moving house. After all, this gives you the opportunity to get more space, add desirable features, and even design your own home.

That’s one of the first things you’ll have to decide, whether to purchase a production house or a custom home with the aid of a specialist in custom-built homes.

What Is A Production Home & A Custom Home?

Both these types of homes are generally brand new. However, the major difference is that a production home is built using a standard template. In other words, a whole street of production homes can be built and everyone will have the same design.

In contrast, a custom home is one that is designed exclusively for and with you. That means every feature, from the shape to the layout, can be unique.

Cost Differences

Production homes tend to be created by large companies that own many lots and save money on building by doing several houses at the same time in a designated pattern.

In contrast, custom homes are generally created by smaller businesses that are more vested in the local community. They need to spend time discussing your needs with you and will take into account the area before finalizing a plan. Custom homes are generally considered to be of higher quality but the company doesn’t make as many cost savings. This makes the price of a custom home higher than a production one.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Production Homes

In general, a production home is cheaper and you know exactly what you are going to get. You can usually choose your plan before the build commences.

However, once it is started you can’t change it and the available design layouts are limited. You will have limited input before the completion of the home.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Custom Homes

In contrast, you will control every step of the custom home process, allowing you to define the layout and make reasonable changes while it is being built. Of course, this type of home is more expensive but it will be designed to perfectly meet your needs. That means it could be a home for life.

Alongside this, the custom home is built to your specifications which means the builder needs to attend to every detail, ensuring the house is of better quality than a production home.

However, remember that making changes during construction can affect costs and when the project will be finished.

The Bottom Line

Both options can be attractive and for the budget-conscious, the production home could be the better option. But, there is little doubt that a custom home will give you everything you need in a property, making it the better choice for the long term.

All you have to do is find the right design for your lifestyle, think about the future, and choose the right custom builder.