How To Do A DIY Paneled Door On A Budget

Paneled doors don’t offer a huge amount of security as they are effectively two wooden panels joined together with wooden supports between them. In essence, the door is hollow allowing anyone to punch a hole into it.

Panel Door

This means they are not a good choice as an external door. But, they are an excellent choice as internal doors, giving people privacy. Of course, it should be noted that you can get some excellent panel style doors, such as those in the Parkwood doors collection. These are secure as well as looking like paneled doors, making them a good choice for your internal and external doors.

Naturally, panel doors also look better than standard doors as the panels add texture and are seen as a feature.

Buying Panel Doors

Before you tackle a DIY panel door project it is worth looking in your local hardware store. You may be surprised at how low-priced many panel doors are. That means you may simply be able to buy new ones and replace your existing ones.

Of course, this does mean spending money and you’ll have to dispose of your old doors. But, if you recycle them this can help to pay for your new ones.

Doing It yourself

If you have plain ‘slab’ doors then you can transform them into panel doors with just a little effort.

  • Paint First

Before you start creating a panel door from your slab it’s a good idea to paint the door. In most cases white is a good color. It’s light, clean, and makes any space feel larger.

Ideally you should remove the door from its hinges first and lay it flat to repaint it. This prevents runs and paint from getting where it shouldn’t.  Don’t forget to paint both sides!

  • Cut Decorative Trim

You’ll find decorative trim at your local hardware store. There should be several styles, all you have to do is choose the one that you like the most. You’ll want to buy enough to go right around the door and across the middle several times.

Once you have chosen your trim and have it at home you can cut it. The best idea is to use a miter saw to get perfect shaped corners. Cut strips for vertical and horizontal sections of your doors, you can make as many panel sections as you wish.

Once you have cut them all position, them on your door, which should still be off its hinges.

  • Glue

The good news is that you can simply glue the strips in place. Again, a dry run is essential before you glue them. This ensures you are happy with the finished product.

Once they are glued leave them to dry properly before you hang your door and admire your work.

  • Do Both Sides

Remember your door has two sides and you’ll probably want the same pattern on both! That means repeating the process for the other side before hanging.