How To Bond With Your Unborn Baby

The foundation for deep and everlasting bond between a mother and a child could well begin in the womb. It is believed now that the baby growing inside is not completely oblivious to the world outside the womb, especially from the second trimester and is slowly familiarizing with the sounds of parents, emotional moments between them and perhaps even receives the impact of a positive or negative state of mind of the mother.

As an expectant mother, you may not have enough time to give a thought about bonding with your growing baby inside, especially in the initial trimester, which can be quite stressful. As you begin to get used to the growing baby inside and get past the initial trimester, it is time to enjoy and begin the process of bonding. Here are ways you can set the mood for the big day when your little bundle arrives to give you boundless joy.

Whenever you possibly can, just spend some quality time to bond with your unborn baby.

Bond With Your Unborn Baby

Have A Relaxing And Rejuvenating Bath

A warm bath can be very relaxing for you and your baby. Keep the temperature of the water comfortable and not too hot as you lie in the bathtub. Take deep breaths, relax and create a positive mental picture of your baby. Talk to your baby positively.

Respond To Your Baby’s Kicks

Responding to your baby’s kicks and talking to your bump is a fantastic way to bond with your unborn. You could just give a pat or massage your bump as a response to the kick. This is the first sign of a two way communication with your baby.

Massage Your Bump

Massages are good for everyone at all times and can do wonders for your baby growing inside. Gentle massage with oil on your belly after the first three months of pregnancy is a great idea for you and your baby to relax. Any oil is good, even an aromatic oil can be applied and massaged, while keeping a conversation going on with your unborn baby. Parental bonding is also a good idea, and your partner can also give you a massage. It brings both of you close and enhances bonding with the unborn baby.

Go Swimming

Swimming during Pregnancy

Swimming does wonders for your health, state of mind and is a great way to exercise during pregnancy especially as your pregnancy advances. It keeps you positive and is almost like the water, giving a gentle massage to your bump. This is a good way to bond with your unborn baby.

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Talking And Singing To Your Baby

Your unborn baby’s hearing is developing throughout and is more pronounced after about 23 weeks. Not only is your unborn baby familiar with your heart beat, the sounds outside can also be heard. Now, he can hear your voice and is registering it. The attachment with your voice and the comfort he feels later on when you speak to him is because he is already familiar with it from the womb. Talking to your bump and singing to your unborn baby is a great way to bond, especially when you know he can hear it.

Pregnancy Yoga

Butterfly Exercise During Pregnancy

Relax and breathe easy with antenatal yoga classes which allow you time to pay attention to the growing baby inside.
The second trimester is usually a good time to begin antenatal yoga classes. It is not advisable in the first trimester to perform yoga. The relaxing and slow stretches synchronized with breathing releases positive hormones as well as aids complete relaxation. When the mind and body is relaxed it keeps you aware and establishes a connection with the unborn baby.

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Keep A Scan Picture of Your Baby Close By

As you talk to your baby, keep the latest scan pictures so you feel more attached and can help you relate to the growing baby. Forming a positive mental picture of the baby and also visualizing the baby is a great way to bond.
It is also possible to have a 3D scan at a later time in the pregnancy and is wonderful to create a more welcoming mind set. It is also interesting to take time off and study his features and perhaps wonder who he has taken after.

Relaxing Walk

Stroll at a comfortable pace and talk discreetly to your baby all the while. Walking is good physical activity during pregnancy and improves circulation. You could keep the pace between slow and brisk and make it a habit to walk regularly in your pregnancy.

Use these tips and see how the love pours out of your heart for a child that is still developing and growing in your womb. It’s a wonderful feeling!