How To Do Exercises During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the best time in life for any mother and all of the women out there who want to have a pleasing pregnancy period and a safe delivery. Now while the list of dos and don’ts during pregnancy can be a pretty exhaustive one, depending on would be mother’s lifestyle, health etc, there is one thing that’s common: exercise.

Exercises are quite beneficial for pregnant women and most of them are perfectly safe as well. On the other hand, it is believed that almost 30 per cent of women with healthy pregnancy do not do enough exercises. What is noteworthy here that not all exercises can be safe during pregnancy and that you should talk to your health care expert before opting for any. There are certain dos and don’ts associated with exercises during pregnancy. In fact, daily exercises would not harm you or your baby and may even help to avoid any complications pre or post pregnancy.

pregnancy exercises

Regular and Mild Swimming

Swimming is considered to be the safest of all exercises during pregnancy and that is the reason most of health care experts recommend it to pregnant women. It keeps your body toned without even adding weight and stress to your joints. Moreover, swimming helps increase your heart rate which in turn ensures a healthy cardiovascular state to your body. It is definitely one of the safest exercises during pregnancy since it offers safety from tripping or falling during exercising.

Walking, Running and Jogging

Walking is another safer way to keep you fit during pregnancy. It is less tiresome than running and is surely easier on your knees. After certain stretching exercises, you can go for a slow walk and then increase your pace a little with time. Make sure that you sport good shoes as the posture you walk in decides the implications on your body. Moreover, wearing appropriate shoes would ensure that you are not susceptible to falling or have pressure on your feet. Running and jogging are often not recommended for pregnant women; however, you may go for it if your doctor prescribes so.

Stationary Bicycling

What is great about stationary biking is that it supports your weight so that there is lesser stress on your body. It is surely a great exercise since you are less likely to fall during exercising. As your body grows during pregnancy, your center of gravity shifts and you have an increased risk of falling, which has a lesser chance of happening in case of stationary biking. However, you should keep a right posture during stationary biking.

Stair Climbing Is Great

During pregnancy, it is quite vital to keep regulating your heart beat. Stair climbing is surely an excellent way in order to increase your heart beat. Moreover, the railing in stair climbing machines gives ample support so that you do not fall during exercising.

Yoga Is Always Safe For You And Your Baby

Yoga is well known worldwide for relieving stress and pressure on your body. Most forms of yoga are safe during pregnancy, however, you should check with experts on which one you should do. Most of the yoga instructors offer special yoga classes for pregnant women and you can join them in your vicinity.

Last but not the least; the idea is to keep your cardio-vascular system healthy during pregnancy. A healthy heart beat will in turn ensure that you baby is healthy inside. As a thumb rule, any exercise that is gives any stress or uneasiness to your body is surely not recommended. Some midwives or doctors may recommend you to give up cycling on road after the second trimester which is absolutely logical. No matter how experienced cyclist you are, you always have the risk of falling off your bike. Remember that exercises are quite beneficial during pregnancy but that should not be done at the cost of exhaustion and risk to your baby.