How To Eat Slowly To Avoid Overeating

Did you know that eating slowly can help you in losing weight? Research has shown that eating your food slowly can prevent overeating, thereby helping you lose weight. It is only after 20 minutes of eating that our brain tells us we are full, so if you have been stuffing yourself in less time than that, you are sure to end up over-eating! Most of us go to great lengths to lose weight, but overlook this simple component of eating our food slowly. While it may take lots of time and practice to master this technique, it is extremely beneficial in the long run and also helps improve your digestion.

Chew It And Enjoy It

Most of us are in such hurry to get over with our meals that we forget to chew our food properly. One has to make a conscious effort initially to remember to chew; thereafter it will become a habit. It is said that food must be chewed 32 times for effective absorption of food. Chewing food slowly has two benefits:

  • It breaks down your food into smaller particles and mixes it with saliva (which contains digestive enzymes) making it easy to digest and hence easily absorbable by the intestines.
  • Chewing every morsel will also help you eat less as you will spend more time on every bite.


Avoid Distractions

Most of us are either eating our meals in front of the T.V or while working in office. This means that we are not concentrating on our food and eating has become a secondary activity. Such a condition is harmful as it leads to overeating since our brain is unable to process how much we have eaten. Eating our meals while watching T.V or pursuing other activities also prevents us from savouring and enjoying the food! So make it a habit to eat at the dining table with your family away from the T.V/laptop or any other distraction.

Savour Your Meal For 20 Minutes

Like we said in the beginning, 20 minutes is the time it takes for our stomach to realize that it is full. This is because the sensor in our hypothalamus needs 20 minutes to get activated and begin the digestion process. So whenever you are taking your meals, keep a target of 20 minutes to finish it. This way you will never over eat.

Make Up Your Mind

For any new practice to become a habit, it requires a strong mental makeup. You need to program your brain to follow the habit of eating slowly. This requires a lot of practice and patience, but the results are worth it. So keep telling yourself that you are going to chew your food and eat slowly. Repeatedly doing this will help program your brain accordingly.

Stay Relaxed

Always try to relax before your meal. Eat in peaceful and quiet surroundings with your loved ones. Take deep breaths and try to eliminate any stress. Eating while you are stressful can lead to overeating as you will seek comfort in food. If you are relaxed and calm you will also eat slowly.

The Key To Good Health

Eating slowly is a tried and tested way to prevent overeating and the other ills associated with it. Being a slow eater has its perks; you savour your food and enjoy its flavours, you can sit peacefully with your family and interact with them, you can stay fit and maintain a healthy digestion. All in all eating slowly will definitely open doors of good health to you. Happy eating!