How To Manage Your Time After Work

No matter what profession you are in or what sort of life you lead, time management becomes a necessity. This is true for a homemaker as well as a corporate professional. Those who need to balance work and home find it even tougher. With time, your responsibilities at workplace and home only go up. Those without kids may fare a little better but after a time you cannot evade that responsibility either. If you find yourself sandwiched between your official and domestic responsibilities and get burnt out often- you are not alone! This is what millions of working individuals- both women and men face.

Time Management

To ensure you can balance home and workplace responsibilities better and still enjoy life, it becomes necessary to make some changes to the ways you live and do things. There is no rocket science involved in time management for working professionals. You will benefit by utilizing the below listed tips for managing your time after work better.

1. Shopping Online

While shopping online is convenient for nearly everyone, it is the working professionals who can benefit a lot by shopping through online stores. Nowadays, you can actually buy pretty much everything, including grocery and FMCG stuffs using online shops. It will spare you from spending precious time after office hours at crowed shops and shopping malls. You will be able to reach home after office faster and take rest and spend more time with family.

2. Coordinating with Spouse

Sometimes, you just cannot escape doing certain chores after work hours. There can be meeting with friends or other work. To ensure, things at home do not get neglected when you stay outside longer- involve your spouse. If both of you are working, make a plan before every week regarding sharing responsibilities for pending tasks. You may share such tasks between yourselves so that no one gets burdened continuously. The same thing is applicable for making dinners after returning from work!

3. Using Reminders

Owing to factors like workload, stress and many other things it is sometimes natural for you to forget pending tasks in life. When you remember such tasks at the last moment, managing them becomes quite a messy affair. To evade those messy situations, using reminders can be handy. You can use both Smartphone and computer apps to set reminders on upcoming tasks. Besides, you can also use stick on notes on your office or home desk to ensure upcoming tasks are not forgotten.

4. Using Social Media

You can also make use of popular social media tools to ensure your socializing is not eliminated owing to workload and domestic chores! That does not mean you should only stick to using Facebook and Twitter to wish friends on their birthdays. You can create groups of friends in these social media performs and plan events with friends using them. This gives you easier ways to create and share plans for meet-ups as well as occasional reunions amidst busy schedules.

5. Combining Recreational Plans

If you and your spouse lead hectic lives and finding free time on weekends for spending with family becomes tougher, you need to think and act a little differently! Instead of planning for a Saturday night out with family, which can be chaotic, think of doing the same on Friday night. Your favorite family restaurants will be actually a little less crowded on weekdays compared to weekends. Even if you are tired after a day at the office and take the family out for a dinner and movie after that, consider the fact that Saturday you can relax at home. Besides, you will be able to complete pending tasks at home the next day with ease.

6. Staying Energized

If you are not energetic, it is hard to complete chores after returning from work. The sad truth is most working professionals feel zombied after spending a long day at work, sitting in cubicles staring at desktops! To ensure you remain relatively refreshed even after work, you may resort to light exercises. At lunch break, spend a few minutes doing light exercises that can be done in your room without using any equipment. This will help you leave office with a little more energy than usual to do the household chores properly. Trying a little bit of medication can also be of help.

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7. Involving the Kids

For some, working parents, managing the kids, cooking for them and dealing with their innocent yet never ending tantrums prove to be tedious! Involving the kids in chores can be helpful at times. You have to think and act a little innovatively for sure. For example, you may ask the kids to help you out in the cooking. You may say if they want to take part in cooking a dish that they love. Kids love variations in daily routine and you may have to present it like an enjoyable task. Place a TV in the kitchen so that you can cook dishes while watching the favorite programs as well.

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8. Asking Friends and Neighbors

This may not be possible for everyone and at all times. However, sometimes you may ask for a little help from neighbors and friends, keeping in mind that reciprocation will also be a requirement. On a particularly tough day at workplace, you may ask a close friend or neighbor for baby sitting or managing kids at home. This depends on your PR skills and equations with people in life.