Getting the Rest You Need With the Right Mattress

Importance of good sleep

If there is one thing that irritates most people in the world, it has to be not being able to get a good night’s rest. Some statistics show that not having a good night’s rest is high on the list of things people worry about. It can offset the whole day when you miss the sleep you should have had, but didn’t. Sometimes it is yourself or a partner who rolls over continuously through the night or snores. Sometimes it is not you but the mattress that is the problem. How do you know it is the mattress? There are indications that it is time to get a new mattress. First, when you’ve been able to sleep on the mattress for years, but lately you just can’t rest in it. Second, it is sagging. Third, you can see the impressions of your body in the mattress but you are not laying down. Your mattress has lost its “bounce.” You are tired when getting up in the morning and you may have aches in your neck or back after resting.


Need a new mattress?

You and your wife decide the best thing is to get a new mattress. I know you feel attached to the mattress, but hey, it has given you ten years of good service. You say, “You gotta go, I need my rest,” right? Have you ever tried to get rid of an old mattress? Has mattress disposal been on your mind? You might be able to recycle your mattress, repurpose your mattress, or you could contact a waste disposal service and see if they would take it.

Some donation centers will not take them because of sanitary issues. Some people do not want to take a chance on even a new mattress slept in by someone else, but millions of people sleep in the same bed as others did the night before in hotels all over the country with only a change of sheets. After you entertain that thought, you realize people just want a good night’s rest as much as you do.

Sore neck, back, and shoulders

So you are on the eve of having a new mattress. You and your wife visit a local mattress shop and you both agree on a model you are satisfied with. You even try it out in the store and it feels comfortable, but you still have reservations of what it will be like in “real life,” meaning you’ve got to try to get a good nights rest with no aches or pains and your partner also has to agree.

Time for that new mattress

You finally decide on the mattress you will buy, one that won’t wake her every time you roll over in bed. Well, it wasn’t your fault, was it? No, the mattress was the culprit. You get your new mattress set up in your bedroom and you sink into it. And there is the same problem with this mattress; though new, it woke your wife and you are back to square one. This time you are going to shuck out extra and go for the “gold.” But the problem is going to be how to get rid of your old mattress.

Getting rid of a mattress

You can’t understand why the company won’t allow a return, but realize that not everyone wants to purchase a mattress that has been slept on even one night by others, so you just let the mattress stand there for a few days. Finally, after contacting everyone you could and putting ads in the paper, someone answers your add and comes to get the “old-new” mattress and they are happy with it. You guarantee them that the company just donates the mattresses to charity if it doesn’t suit the customer’s needs. You and your partner feel happy knowing that you will get a good night’s rest once again.
It’s not easy to get rid of an old mattress as they are so large and cumbersome. You also might be able donate, sell, or trade-in your mattress if it is not too old. Do a little research and find out what will work best for you.