How To Get The Best Sleep Ever In Your Hotel

After a tiring day’s work, quality sleep is a prerequisite for any man or woman. However, achieving this becomes difficult when you are not at home, even when you are fatigued. A lot of people complain about not being able to sleep well while staying in hotels. There could be a number of factors leading to disturbances in sleep in hotels. You need to identify the factors first and then take steps to resolve them.

5 Effective Steps To Ensure You Get Adequate And Sound Sleep At Hotels:-

1. Dealing With Sources of Noise

Plain Rugs to Transform Your Room

There can be various types of noise in a hotel which can affect your sleep adversely. As it is, it can be noise coming from an adjacent room or the noise outside creeping in. The latter can happen when you stay at a hotel located in a congested area in the travel destination. You need to look at the type and location of room while booking a hotel. The rooms located away from the road are likely to be more comfortable as they will be less noisy!

2. Discarding Sources of Light


If you are used to sleep in a totally dark room, sleeping hotel rooms that do not have similar setup can be tedious. Ensure you block out all sources of light when you sleep in rooms of the hotel. You may also use an eye mask for sleeping easily in hotels. Use the curtains to cover the windows to avoid outside lights affecting your sleep in hotel rooms.

3. Carrying Pillow And Covers

travel pillow

Now this may not sound a little inconvenient for some people, but you may carry an inflatable or travel pillow. This can help you catch sleep easily in hotels. Some people are habituated to sleeping while putting a light sheet on their cover. If you are among them, carry the sheet in your bag and you will be able to get better sleep. It may sound a little funny, but some people are also in the habit of sleeping with their soft toys. If you are among them ensure you carry your favourite teddy or soft toy to sleep peacefully in hotel.

4. Getting Rid of Odors

Lavender oil

If there is any strong or unpleasant smell in a hotel room that can affect your sleep. Ask the hotel staff to clean the bathroom and room well to get rid of such issues. You may even try aromatherapy to sleep peacefully in hotel. You may carry a small bottle of lavender or sandalwood essential oil and soak cotton balls. Keep these balls around your bed at the hotel and the aroma will soothe your nerves, resulting in deep sleep.

5. Insect Repellents


If there are insects like mosquitoes and bed bugs that can be a problem for sleeping in hotel rooms for any person. You may use mosquito repellent and check the hotel beds and mattresses for bed bugs extensively. If such problems recur, change the hotel or ask the staffs to allot you a separate room