How To Take Care of Your Newborn Baby In Winter

Winter is a very magical season and when the first snowflakes start to fall, we all can’t help running outside in wonder. But along with the beauty of this season, there are also negative aspects like runny noses, everybody catching a cold or flu and the freezing weather outdoors.

Devising ways to keep your baby warm and cosy during the harsh winter can be quite worrying and many new mothers are anxious about taking their child outdoors in the winter.

But if you take a few precautions and follow some easy steps, you can happily wander outdoors with your little angel and ensure that baby stays nice and warm.

Cover up

The cardinal rule of keeping your baby warm during the winter is to ensure that he is completely covered up because babies are unable to regulate their body temperature and tend to lose warmth at the hands, head and feet. Use mittens for your baby’s hands, a nice thick cap pulled down over the years and booties for its little tiny feet. Instead of a thick and bulky sweater that is guaranteed to make your little one feel uncomfortable, try layering i.e. putting on a few shirts over a vest.

winter care for babies

But don’t go overboard. If your baby ends up sweating too much, it could result in rashes.

Massage Regularly

Massaging your baby regularly is a good way to improve his blood circulation. This will help to improve his blood flow as well as his immune system. Make use of coconut, sesame seed, almond or olive oil when massaging your baby, as these oils are good for tender skin and are very gentle. It is also very calming for the little one.

Ensure that the temperature of the room is warm before massaging your baby. You could try massaging your little one an hour or two before giving him a bath or you could massage him just before bedtime in order to ensure that he sleeps better.

Keep Your Baby’s Skin Moisturized

The chilly weather outside can drain the moisture from your skin and often leaves it dry and itchy. It affects the tender and soft skin of a baby very harshly, hence it is a major requirement to keep your little one’s skin glowing and well moisturized during the cold and harsh winter.

Before heading out you should apply a special baby moisturizing lotion or emollient to protect him from dry skin. Apply Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on her lips to prevent them from cracking.

There are also natural remedies against the cold harsh weather like ghee or clarified butter and milk cream, which really do work wonders.

Don’t Bathe Your Baby More Than Once A Day

In the winter months, the cold weather can wreak havoc on a tiny little baby’s skin. Their skin is extremely sensitive and bathing a baby in hard water can end up drying his skin even more. Make sure that the bathroom door and windows are closed and that the room is warm before bathing your child. Use warm water and add a few drops of special baby oil to the water. Never use hot water!

You can use a bath emollient to take care of eczema or any dry skin issues. Don’t soak your baby in the tub for too long. Dry him quickly and use a mild baby skin lotion to moisturize after bath.

Use A Sleep Suit Or Sleeping Bag At Night

In order to ensure that your little one stays warm and cosy at night, try decking him out in a soft one-piece cotton or flannel sleep suit. Keep a couple of cotton blankets on your baby’s bed and cover him, according to the temperature of the room. Don’t make use of a duvet as he is likely to kick it off during the course of the night.

You can also try putting your little one to sleep in his very own sleeping bag which is specially designed to keep him safe and warm at night. These are very convenient as he won’t able to kick it off or bury himself deep under the covers. Also, he won’t wake up at night because of the cold.

These wonderful tips will keep your sweet little vulnerable baby absolutely warm during the winter and safe from the harsh weather.