How To Use An Old Android Device In Many Ways

With technology changing facet faster than you can imagine, a new gadget you have bought will become commonplace and dated over time. This is applicable to every device including your Smartphone. Not so long ago, a lot of people loved their Android phones running Jelly Bean. Those devices are deemed as slower and old now. Most Android users sport devices running Lollipop and wait for Android M will soon be over! There are millions of people with an older Android phone or tab that they find slower and are planning to buy a newer, faster device.

Innovative Ways To Use Your Old Android Device

If you have an old, slower android phone still in working condition, there is no need to dump it. You may not get a good deal by exchanging it. If it is in working condition and is not physically damaged, you can use it in numerous ways. Below listed are some such innovative uses for your old Android device:

1. Alarm Clock

Android Alaram Clock

Why invest in a standalone alarm clock when the old Android tab or phone is still at home? Most Android devices have inbuilt Alarm clock functionality. You may use the Daydream feature in the device to make the alarm clock more aesthetic looking. You can also order a dock online for your device and use apps like Alarm Clock Xtreme to turn it into a digital alarm clock.

2. Music Player

Android Music Player

If you are among those people who cannot stay without music, turning your old Android Smartphone into a dedicated music player makes sense. Use a 16 GB or higher capacity MicroSD card and load it with your favourite MP3 tracks and playlists on the card. Then, deactivate the cellular network on the phone. This will help in saving battery. Invest in a good quality headphone and make your old phone into a portable music player. It is also possible to download apps like MXPlayer or Jetaudio from Google Play to boost quality of audio output.

3. Digital Cookbook

Android Digital Cookbook

Those women and men who love cooking, but do not like the idea of carrying printed recipe books, can use their old Android phones as digital cooking aid! You do not even need to use a cellular network. Buy a phone dock and fit the device in it. Use the home WiFi network and connect to the web and explore Google Play for recipe apps. There are many free yet useful cooking and recipe apps you will like. Examples include ‘Food network in the kitchen’ and ‘BigOven’.

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4. Digital Photo Frame

Digital Photo Frame

You can use the Android device that has become closer as a digital photo frame. However, Tabs fit this bill better than Android smartphones owing to a larger screen size. Fit the tab into a nice dock and keep it on a table or bedside. You may load images in internal memory of the device or use a MicroSD card. There are so many slideshow apps for using in Android devices and some of them can play music and lets you use nice transitions between images.

5. E-Reader

Android E-Reader

If you love reading e –books, use your old Android device for the purpose- there is no need to buy a separate e book reader. Some Android phablets and phones, including those in the Samsung Galaxy series have wonderful OLED screens. These devices have special reading modes which conserve battery life and prove to be easier on the eyes.

6. GPS Device

Android GPS

Fit your old Android Smartphone in your car dashboard with a dock and use the GPS feature. It will ensure you will not lose way during weekend trips in the suburbs or the unknown regions.