How Is The Implementation of IoT Is Taking Place Across Various Industries?

The impending revolution, Industrial Internet of Things will radically change the way field assets connect and communicate with the enterprise by significantly entangling sensors, sophisticated analytics, and intelligent decisions. Like never before in the history of the earth, IIoT emphatically elevates the benchmarks the way the world connects and amplifies machines by redefining the phenomenon of everyday devices connecting to the Internet through tiny embedded sensors and computing power.

The prime motive behind Industrial Internet of Things is to connect physical world of sensors, devices, and machines with the Internet and, by applying deep analytics through software, which eventually turns massive data into powerful new insight and intelligence.

Internet of Things May Transform the Insurance Industry

So far to what extent Internet revolutionized how people communicate and work together in the industries such as media, retail and financial services falls par to what gamut IIoT will do by connecting machines and devices together into functioning, intelligent systems in the fields of manufacturing, energy and other sectors of economy which, together, account for nearly two-thirds of the global gross domestic product. The impact of IIoT, interconnected devices on speed, scale and capability is unprecedented.

The Big players who have successfully implemented the Industrial IoT are RTI, Google, Cisco, GE, Omran, Apple, Accenture etc are all set to invest billions on this new wave of innovation in enhancing their services in Healthcare, Aerospace, Energy, Control Systems/Robotics to unleash the potential of connected products and services.

Focusing on emerging integrated technology and solutions, IoT predominantly operates 3 divisions, Consulting services, mergers & acquisitions and accelerating technology startup’s that will have a huge impact on agriculture, telecommunications, healthcare, utilities, and transportation service providers.

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Implementation of IoT in Emergency Management

Whenever an emergency occurs, we entirely rely on the emergency management measures to save us and safeguard us in the public areas. The emergency management support contacts the communication team in order to acquire the up-to-date information about the disaster and its consequences of providing adequate and suitable measures to sustain the disaster. However, natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, and fires tend to destroy the two important assets; communication and robust information leading to the disconnection between the offline emergency responses and the affected area. Fortunately, IoT has the capability to mitigate any information lag and weaker communications even in the adverse situations. While we only have seen IoT acting as a network that holds inter-connected devices in a particular area; it can also function as an extended hoc communication network. This is the same way, a router works by converting the landline to a wireless connection across the home. When the traditional communication systems are failing, the IoT devices can be used for extension of connectivity to provide stronger communication and faster information transfer.

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Implementation of IoT in Education Sector

The interaction between the students and the mentors, teachers, educators and the peers can be done on the global level by using the interactive boards and digital highlighters. Students can just sit in their home or the classroom and use their digital scanners by transferring the 2D text from the textbooks to their smartphones with enhanced graphics and audio-visuals. They can also use the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips in order to track the physical things or even flora and fauna (birds, animals, etc.) irrespective of the weather conditions. The automatic cloud-based applications like Jisc will help the students to learn data analysis right from the childhood to give them many insights about the subjects that they are learning and by keeping them updated on a daily basis. The digitalized wristbands and the identity cards can be used to track people in the school premises as the last seen locations are usually stored on the cloud server. This not only increases the security of the school but can also be used as wallets to avoid cash payments. The school buses are also provided with GPS tracking devices for more safety of the children’s journey from home to school and vice-versa.

Internet of Things Technology For School Bus

Industrial IoT Examples & Applications in Various Industries

From research labs to corporate offices, from streets to houses Industrial Internet of Things has shown its supremacy all over with captivating results. Industrial Internet of Things dramatically readjusts your home as a smart home; you can just hold a phone and can control almost everything except your wife! Listing out the most innovating products from the mouth of Industrial IoT.

Staples connected home: – Right from smoke alarms to lighting, from window shades to thermostats you can now control and monitor using staples connect just by the smart hub and mobile app.

Smart things: – Welcome to the smart world where you can detect temperature, vibration, presence and motion by using a smart kit and is, of course, open platform which attracts 3rd party vendors to develop applications.

Almond+: – Much hyped newbie which is going to hit the market in the second half will transform your wall into a scientific console that monitors and controls devices using ZigBee, Z-wave, and wi-fi communication protocols.

Network Piper: – This fits into science fiction movie of the modern era. Just with a mobile app you can monitor and control a wi-fi enabled hub with 180 degrees HD camera that detects light, temperature, humidity and sound by using sophisticated sensors.

Grid connect sense: – The digital world has no boundaries, connect sense can alert you by texts, emails or voice call which is basically a home security system which acts like a self-monitoring tool to continuously check temperature, humidity, and water.

C-TCP: – Designed to control and monitor the intensity of light inside four walls, connected by TCP is a pre-programmed automation system that allows you to control the light settings in your paradise.

Canary: – Undoubtedly splendid home security system separates a normal activity from an unpleasant activity. Alerts can be configured so as to reach multiple users when things go wild at your home.

WeMo: – The robustness of Belkin’s WeMo lies in using free could service instead of any hub. It allows you to control and monitors WeMo’s lighting devices and LED bulbs just from your browser or smartphone app.

Considering the range of innovative products Industrial Internet of Things has been gifting us can be termed as a game changer that redrew the boundaries of technology and is the future by discovering what none has ever imagined.