How To Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes

By Subodh / May 12, 2011

Bags under your eyes could occur for many reasons. Sometimes it could be a result of sleep deprivation, a part of the normal aging process, or bending for long periods of time.

Additional causes of bags developing under the eyes:

  • Health problems – Good examples of health issues that cause under – eye bagginess include Grave’s disease or thyroid problems. Any sickness or disease that causes undo stress on the body could be a culprit.
  • Hormonal changes – Menstruation, menopause, and male changes of life could affect the skin, including certain facial features. The reason why is because once again of stress.
  • Allergies – The eyes might swell up as a result of negative reaction to an environmental pollutant or food allergy. You should also be concerned if you experience worse symptoms such as difficulty breathing, fever, or skin rash.
  • Poor diet and poor nutrition – Not eating the right kinds of foods can cause you to become malnourished. One major concern is lack of essential vitamins and minerals, and of course not eating enough protein or not consuming enough calcium.
  •  Excess stress – This extra stress you experience may be because of lack of sleep or just working too hard. It also may be a by-product of a disease you have or it can be just under extreme emotional distress, and that leads to under-eye bagginess.
  • Genetics – Sometimes the dark circles and bags under the eyes is a result of genetics. It often is related to the aging process.

eye bags

Removal Instructions

The kind of under-eye bags removal action that works the best in your situation depends on the cause. Various remedies described below are based on certain common instances:

  • For menstruating women – For instance, if bagginess occurs as a result of PMS it can be corrected by eating less salty foods. Drinking green tea may help but be careful because too much liquid can cause water retention and bloating. This liquid retention even occurs under the eyes, just so you are aware.
  • To correct an allergy – If you are experiencing facial swelling or puffiness because of an allergy you might have to start avoiding processed foods. It might take time to find out the cause so you can eliminate it, and this is a process of just going without certain foods for awhile. Your doctor can help you in this case.
  • For stress reduction – One simple tip would be to take a nap, even a short one. You could also try to get more sleep at night or reduce your daily responsibility load. Cold tea bags or slices of cucumbers set on the eyes either at night or in the morning may also help. Relaxation and mediation techniques also could calm you down and reduce puffiness.

More Advice and Precautions

Keep in mind that you can use chamomile tea instead of green to help reduce eye puffiness. However, this is an example of a case in which you need to be careful, because some people are allergic to this herb.

You should also use caution when choosing cosmetic products, which could cause a bad reaction. Another remedy often used to get rid of bags under your eyes is cold water or ice.