How To Get Rid of Cracked Lips

If your lips are cracked it could be the result of either internal or external moisture lack. Cracking is often a sign of dehydration, or perhaps that you are in danger of such.


Extreme weather conditions are often to blame for damaging of skin. For instance, strong winds and bitter cold air could dry out your lips. Likewise so can excess sun exposure cause this problem.

Additional causes of chapping and cracking include the following:

  • Vitamin B deficiency
  • Skin infections and allergies
  • Reactions to cosmetic ingredients
  • Compulsive lip biting
  • Lip burns from hot foot or drink
  • Consumption of highly-acid and toxic foods

Additional cause information:

The heat used to warm your house and care lowers the humidity level in the air. As a result, it is very dry and this is one more reason chapping occurs. This is important to know because it is not just extreme cold that causes crack lips.
As far as burning your lips, just try not to eat foods that are heated too hot. Furthermore, use caution when eating or drinking any heated substance. Two foods to avoid eating include mango peel and poison ivy.

Of course, allergies are very common, and one food allergy to beware of is in the event you are allergic to nuts. You should in this case be careful about what moisturizer products you use, such as shea butter.

Furthermore, other allergies that cause drying of the most delicate skin on your body may be present in the air. It could be a pollutant or some kind of irritation related to seasonal plant pollination (i.e. hay fever)

Treatments and Self Care

A variety of treatment and self care tips can be used to get rid of cracking or chapping. Most of the solutions are very inexpensive and can be used right at home. Often, they include everyday practices.

Please view this list of treatment and self care tips:

  • Increase water intake. This will keep you hydrated and it will help keep your lips moist. Your skin will be softer and smoother as a result of this increased water consumption. About 8 per day is a recommended amount of water to drink.
  • Reduce use of or stop using caffeine. If you want to keep your lips moist you should cut down or eliminate use of soda, tea, or coffee. You may have to slowly wean yourself off of these substances if you are addicted to them. At the very least if you cannot stop using caffeine you should cut down consumption of it.
  • Reduce use of or stop consuming alcohol. This can be a difficult substance to give up. However, doing so or at least drastically reducing intake of such can improve your life. One thing you will notice is that delicate skin will not be dry due to alcoholic dehydration.
  • Use lip moisturizers. Certain kinds of lip balms such as ones that have natural oils in them can do wonders for your lips. Stay away from phenol-based moisturizers, though.
  • Furthermore, be careful which lip-enhancing solutions you use. The reason why is mint, capsacin (chili pepper substance), menthol, or other dehydrating ingredients are present in them.
  • Place humidifiers in your home. These are especially helpful in the event your heat is currently running. Making the air in your home more humid can also keep your lips moist on the driest of cold winter days.
  • Seek dermatologist help. If lip cracking persists and the condition gets worse and worse you may want to seek the help of a professional skin doctor. This can ensure nothing serious is wrong with your body that is cause scaling, chapping, or dryness.