How To Get Rid of Thick Eyebrows

Thick eyebrows can be upsetting on even the beautiful faces. A well-maintained and proper-trimmed pair of eyebrows can actually make your face look clearer and make your eyes look larger and prominent. It also helps you to look younger, pretty and more striking. Some ways are explained below to have proper thickness of eyebrows and shape according to shape of your face and eyes.

What’s the proper Thickness of eyebrows?

Speaking, in general, even thin eyebrows don’t look nice on every person. People with distinctive features usually look attractive with thick eyebrows whereas those having fragile features look more suitable with thinner eyebrows. Moreover, it’s always good to work with your eyebrows according to your face.

Shape up

Having the fundamental shape of eyebrow ought to be sufficient, for men. On the other part, women want to
get more distinct eyebrows. If you want a good eyebrow definition then, here it is:

  1. Clean your face, and remove any make-up or dirt from your eyelids.
  2. Use any straight object (like a ruler) to direct you. Hold an eyebrow pencil to spot the points that will show the shape of your eyebrow.
  3. Mark the point on your inner side of eyebrow with the help of eyebrow pencil, which should be in a straight line from your outermost point of nose. Here your eyebrows should start.
  4. Then, while looking straight, keep the ruler straight from the farthest part of nose, intersecting with the farthest part of iris of your eyes. This point should be your eyebrow’s peak, starting from the highest brow descending. Again, enlighten this point.
  5. Keep your ruler at furthest part of your eye. This is the outer point of your eyebrow.

Now you are able to find your proper shape of eyebrows. You can easily remove off your extra hairs.
Several methods can be used to remove these hairs. Some of them are given below, have a look:


This is the most familiar way of trimming your eyebrows. It’s the safest way but on other hand, most painful method. You should not try to remove more hairs in one go. Always wash your face with warm water before plucking. It will make softer your skin and enlarge your pores a little, and then you will find it easier to remove. Ice pack can also be used to decrease your sensation of that area before plucking.


This can be done with the help of small scissors which helps you cut down the rowdy tufts of hair. It’s painless, but highly dangerous if scissors go wrong, so your hand should be well controlled by yourself. It is usually meant for the inner part of your eyebrow. But the growth by this is much faster as compared to plucking.


It is a lot like waxing, as it helps in removing many eyebrow hairs in a go. It is done with the help of thread. The thread should be extended out, folded over, and it remove all eyebrow hair in between that thread in one go. This can be painful, so prepare your mind before doing that.


This is another useful method to get rid of useless hairs from your eyebrow. This is quite painless an eyebrow razor should be used to do this. Some women, if truth be told, remove their whole eyebrows and mark new ones with the help of an eyebrow pencil.

Hair Removal Creams

These creams can be used, but care should be taken while applying. No extra hairs should be removed. After applying cream, wipe that off, after sometime. This is easiest way to thinning out your eyebrows.