How To Breathe While Running

One of the reasons why people can’t run for very long is because they run out of breath. Running is an important exercise that keeps you healthy and fit. The longer you can run, the healthier you will be. Running not only makes your legs stronger, it also helps burn the body fat. It also helps reduce the cholesterol level. But these are not the only benefits of running. Running can also help you improve your digestive system. If you have breathing problems while running, and knowing the benefits of running, you may want to find a way to improve upon breathing so that you can run faster and longer. If you are able to control the breathing properly while running you will also be able to avoid side aches that also cause a lot of trouble. Here are some tips for you to improve your breathing pattern while running.

Breathe While Running

Know The Art Of Breathing

Regardless whether you are running or still, learning the art of breathing could go a long way in making you healthier and fitter. The most common mistake people make while breathing is that they breathe using their chest. Breathing through chest is not the best form of breathing. You should be able to breathe through your belly. To know whether you are breathing through chest or belly, observe your breathing behavior very closely. While breathing, if your belly is not moving in and out sufficiently this means that your breaths are not deep enough. You need to consume enough oxygen so that your lungs inflate in such a way that your belly pops out.

Take Long Breaths

Long breaths ensure that enough oxygen is being supplied to your lungs and hence to your body. Especially while you are running the excess oxygen will help prevent your muscles from getting fatigued. People who experience side aches while running will be hugely benefitted by long and deep breaths. Additionally, your endurance level also increases when you are breathing deeply because of the increased level of oxygen circulation.

Let Your Mouth Remain Open While Running

Quite apparently your mouth is much wider than the nostrils. This is the reason why when you are running your mouth should remain open. This will allow you to inhale more fresh air. When you will breathe more air, more oxygen will get supplied to your body. This in turn will increase your endurance level and you will be able to run longer and stronger. Allow yourself to breathe through your mouth and nose both.

Do You Have A Breathing Pattern?

While you are running, it is quite easy to lose focus from breathing. It is indeed not very easy to focus both on breathing as well as running together. Especially initially you will have difficulty focusing both on breathing and running. For this you will need a conscious effort and however difficult it may be in the beginning, you will get used to it. The best way to coordinate breathing and running is by introducing a breathing pattern. For instance, you may decide to breathe in every time you are moving your right leg forward and breathe out with the left foot forward. You don’t necessarily have to follow the exact same pattern but having a pattern will make your breathing more consistent while running. The breathing pattern could be different for different people. You may have to try out a few before choosing the most appropriate one for you. Breathing pattern also depends upon the pace of your running.

How To Test If You Are Breathing Right While Running?

You may follow a pattern but at times you will need to check whether you are doing it right or not. The best way to test whether your breathing is alright while running is by trying to speak during your run. For instance, you can try to speak a 6 to 7 word sentence. If you are able to speak it properly without panting you are doing alright with breathing. However, if it doesn’t come out properly, you need a bit of more work.

Things Don’t Change Overnight

Remember that you will not become an ace runner with perfect hold on breath in just a day. If you haven’t run in a long time or if you are running for the first time, you will face difficulties with breathing. Remain disciplined and give yourself some time. If you keep on running regularly, with focus on breathing, you will definitely be able to improve your breathing pattern.

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