How To Get Rid of Grief

It is the emotion factor that mainly distinguishes human beings from the other species of the animal kingdom. Grief is how a human being reacts to some loss. The loss can be of anything – of money, fame, job, respect or a dear one. The last one is what affects people the most. Many a time death of a pet also can affect a person severely.

Grief is a complex form of emotion. It is not just the feeling of pain or getting hurt. It is more than that. A lot of studies on the subject have revealed that the grief is not predictable. Different people react to grief in different manner, which are hugely acted upon by the social surroundings, religious beliefs, and cultural background.

There are five stages of grief:

Denial: In this stage, the person out-rightly denies to accept the loss that he or she might have just had. Denial is a natural defense mechanism that people take up to run away from the fact of loss.

Anger: This is a stage to revolt about how matters have been unfair to them.

Bargaining: In this stage the person accepts the situation but still finds ways to control the situation at the cost of anything.

Depression: At this stage the person understand the loss he or she has had and goes in to the phase of depression and sadness.

Acceptance: This is the final stage, where the person accepts the loss and gets ready to live with the fact once again.

Getting rid of grief:

Accept the loss: Although, it can be tough at the situation, but the sooner one can accept the loss the better. Loss is a part of life and one needs to be realistic about it.

Talk with close ones: Having a talk with close people will help your accumulated anxiety and anger to come out. This helps in washing out your mind and gets you going.

Consult a counselor: You can visit a counselor and take counseling sessions.

Abstain from substance of abuse: A lot of people take up alcohol or drug in phases of grief. This should be abstained from as they are no solutions for the loss. Nor can they undo the situation.

Engage yourself: Go out with friends, indulge in hobbies – these would help you divert your mind. With time your mind will automatically learn to accept things.

Be in a positive environment: Being in touch with positive people, having colorful things around you, often makes a difference. With an effort from your end too, you can get over with the phase of grief soon.