How To Get Rid of Scabies

By Subodh / February 20, 2012

What are Scabies?

Scabies, also known as itch mites are tiny mites which burrow into the skin of different hosts. This can happen to cats, dogs and many other animals, including humans. A human can generally only get scabies from another human and do not get the same kind of mites as animals.

What are the Symptoms of Scabies?

It can take up to 6 weeks before you see any of the symptoms of scabies appearing on your body. During this time, you will be infectious and can pass on the condition to other people. Symptoms come in the form of rashes which appear as itchy blister like spots. There is another form of scabies which does not cause itching on the skin, this is rarer and is called Norwegian Scabies.

Cortisone cream can mask symptoms of itchiness and is generally not recommended for use in fighting scabies. It is also said to inhibit the body’s immune system from fighting the infection.


Identifying Scabies

To gain a proper diagnosis of your treatment you need to make sure you see a doctor and have a professional check over your body. They can also discuss possible treatment options with you and help you determine the best method of scabies treatment to help you get rid of the condition.

Once you have determined that you are suffering from a scabies infestation then you will need to make sure that you contact all the people that you regularly come into contact with and prepare them to look out for any of the symptoms that may appear on their own bodies and what they should do if they notice anything. You should also avoid sharing a bed or partaking in intercourse with anyone until you are cured of all infestation.

Getting Rid of Scabies

The most common method of getting rid of scabies is through the use of different topical creams. These should contain either sulphur or permathrin, substances which are lethal to scabies and relatively harmless to humans. In the past there have been products that contain lindane, again this is lethal to scabies but is also toxic to humans and should be avoided in all products.

  • Sulfur Scabies Treatments – These are generally available over the counter in pharmacies and are available in different concentrations. You can use 10% solution for adults, though no more than 2.5% should be used for infants. Follow the directions on the package and you should be able to see results in less than a week of daily usage.
  • Permathrin Scabies Treatment – This product can be bought over the counter and contains mitacide. This substance is slightly more toxic than sulphur and you can generally see some results after only 1 or 2 usages. It is not advised to use this treatment on infants unless you have consulted a doctor and they have specifically prescribed this method. Always follow the specific instructions on the packaging in order to make sure you are using it correctly and consult a doctor if there is no change in the symptoms.
  • Neem Bath (Home Remedy) – Mix the neem extract with bath water. Take a neem bath two times a week so as to get rid of scabies quickly. Alternatively, you can boil neem leaves and take bath with that water.