How To Get Rid of Excessive Lint on Clothes

It is really disappointing to find lint on your favorite clothing item because lint completely ruins the look and richness of the cloth fabric. Let’s be honest, aside from the obvious fact that you’ve put a lot of time and effort in building your wardrobe, cloths aren’t exactly cheap these days. It’s a fact. Now the lint causes the clothing item to look worn, old, cheap and shabby. Also, lint is not something that is associated with only cheaply priced clothing. You can get lint on your designer and expensive clothing items as well. The cluster of loose cloth fibers stuck together on the surface of clothing is known as lint which can be effortlessly located on almost all woolen clothing items.

In fact, cotton tee shirts, heavy bed sheet fabrics, silk clothing, hosiery fabrics etc commonly suffer from the problem of lint development over time. Some clothes develop lint even if they have never been washed due to dry cleaning. However, this ugly lint can be removed from the clothes by using some easy to follow tips mentioned here.

  • Make it a point to use lint removing device after washing clothes: The easiest and fastest way to remove lint from all types of clothing is to use the electronic lint removing device that can help you in removing lint from your favorite LBD in just five minutes. The electronic lint removing devices run with electricity and they have an opening which you have to move on the cloth surface. All the lint is then pulled out of the cloth’s surface. You can then remove the stored lint from the machine by emptying its lint bin.
  • Use the adhesive wax strips or tape to pull out lint from clothes: This is a home remedy for removing lint from clothes. It really works well for sensitive and thin clothing items that get lint. You can use the wax strips to stick on the cloth’s surface to remove lint by pulling out the strip softly. The same method can be used for lint removal by replacing the wax strips with cheap and wide adhesive tapes.How-to-Get-Rid-of-Excessive-Lint-on-Clothes
  • The scrubbing stone can be used to scrape off the lint effectively: Have you ever thought that the lint from the clothes can be removed by simply using the scrub stone or pumice stone that is meant for dead cell removal during bathing? The bath scrub stone is actually very useful for mildly scraping off the lint from clothing surface. However, very thin fabrics might get damaged due to hole formation or tear by the use of scrub stones.
  • Thick clothing can be made lint free by the usage of simple razor: If you dealing with lint on your thick sweaters, pullovers, jackets, hats or blazers, then you can use this cheap and effective lint removing remedy that works on the principle of shaving. Yes, you can use a razor and blade to remove any kind of stubborn lint on the think clothing items by running the razor softly in the direction of fabric fibers to remove the lint.
  • There are rolling devices that are used to remove lint from soft clothes: This is probably the most widely used lint removing method. The market is flooded with brush type lint removing rollers. However, the usage of these rollers can be a bit tedious if you’re short on time. You have to roll the roller on the clothing item by selecting small patches on the clothes to clear off the lint.
  • Keep the clothes and washing machine lint free by using vinegar solution: The vinegar is that lint removing home remedy that housewives swear by. No matter how sever the lint accumulation on the clothing item may be, you can simply soak the clothes in water mixed with vinegar for some time to remove the lint totally. Also, while machine washing too you can add some vinegar to the washing water to get rid of the clothing lint. The washing machine should be cleaned from time to time to remove lint pieces that might be stuck in the interior surface.
  • Rough surfaced sponge can be used for lint removal from silk garments: Silk garments are very expensive and you need to be extra careful while removing lint from such costly clothing item. Sponges are very handy for handling such extra sensitive material. The rough surfaced sponge can be used to scrape off lint if the silk garment has light lint accumulation. However, the sponge will be effective only when it is completely dry when you are removing lint.
  • Always use electronic dryer to dry clothing to remove lint automatically: This method for removing lint from the clothes has very high success rate. The electronic drying helps in collecting lint from the clothes automatically because during the drying of the clothes, the lint gets attracted to the electronic dryer. The clothes become lint free but you would have to clean up the dryer from time to time to remove the lint from the dryer.
  • While machine washing the clothes, add a few drops of cloth softeners: You should try to wash same type and color of clothing item together to increase durability of the clothing item. Also, adding some drops of cloth softening solution while machine washing the clothes can help in automatic lint removal. The lint on the clothes will get soft and it will get removed during machine rinsing of the clothes.