How To Get Rid of Old Clothes

Every home has a pile of old clothes they don’t know what to do with. Young mothers have heaps of baby clothes that their children have grown out of. Teenagers and adolescents have loads of clothes they don’t want to be seen in because they are not in fashion anymore. Adults have closetful of clothes that are too faded to wear. The reason for this is that people have a habit of stashing away old clothes rather than throwing them away in the hope that they might come handy someday or because they are sentimentally attached to them. But when your home overflows with old clothes, you will be left with no choice but to dispose of them. Here are some profitable ways to get rid of old clothes:

Leave them at the Resale Store: If you have old clothes that are reusable, take them to the resale store where they will offer you a price. If you like the price, leave them there. If you don’t, make a bargain or take them to another store that will offer a better price.

Sell them at an online auction: If you feel uncomfortable about taking your old clothes to the local resale store, then offer them for a price on an online auction. There are lots of online auction sites to choose from. Choose the one that is nearest to your home and offers you the best deal. You will be asked to post a photo and description of each item you want to sell along with the price. Each item goes to the highest bidder so you will get.

Sell them at a garage sale: Organize a garage sale at your home or participate in one organized by your friends, acquaintances or organizations you are affiliated with. You will have to be there at your ‘stall’ or ‘car boot’ to personally sell the items, so prepare yourself for the hard bargaining that eventually takes place.

Swap with friends, neighbors and acquaintances: Spread the word among your friends, acquaintances and neighbors that you wish to swap old clothes and then organize a swap party at your home or club. This is a great way to get rid of old clothes you don’t want and getting clothes you need or have always wanted but never got around to buying.

Give them away to charity: If you like helping people around the world who are less fortunate than you, then give the clothes away to charity. Your clothes may end up helping save the lives of impoverished and dispossessed people in your neighborhood or in a faraway country. You won’t get any money out of this, but the satisfaction that comes from the knowledge that you have helped someone is worth a million dollars.

Recycle the clothes: If the old clothes are still in good condition, why not recycle them? Make something useful out of them such as a windows wiper. This way you can use it until it becomes tattered enough to throw into the dustbin or garbage bag without any sentiments attached.