How do you Get Rid of Love Handles Fast for Teenage Girls

Teenagers these days spend more time before their laptops, iPads, cell phones and television that is healthy. And while their eyes are glued to the screen and fingers, their teeth are busy chomping all sorts of foods that add wads of fat on their body. No wonder they find themselves obese and unattractive. But if you think it’s only the teenagers who do this, then you are wrong. The grownups are as guilty as the teenagers when it comes to weight gain.

Is obesity simply the result of sheer ignorance? Or is there something more to it. One thing that is really behind the consumption of unhealthy foods is their taste. When it comes to tasty food that really excites the senses in us, healthy food comes a distant second to unhealthy food. This is why you would go for the crispy fried French fries any time of the day, with scant thought to the consequences. Another thing is the commercials that come on TV and the internet every day. How can anyone resist mouthwatering food shown being eaten by beautiful and healthy people?

Teenage girls may be more prone to love handles because they do not get the same access to sports and outdoor activities as teenage boys, while getting equal access to food. But they are also the ones who are more conscious about how much they weigh and what they look like. No wonder many overweight teenage girls spend hours in front of their mirror fretting about their looks. While it is not that easy to give up all the tasty food and start having less tasty health food, they can get rid of those love handles with a little effort at diet control and physical exercise.

The secret is losing excess fat is no secret at all. Eat healthy food, do plenty of exercise and live an active life. These are the open secrets of becoming healthy. But what are healthy foods and what are not? There are many seemingly healthy foods that are in fact unhealthy. Take fat free and diet drinks, for example. These are really not healthy because they contain sugar which, as you may know, is bad for you. In the same way energy drinks are also not good because they care full of calories that your body doesn’t need. They can also be highly addictive.

Eating out at a restaurant can be fun because of the mouthwatering foods they have on offer. But what you must remember is that they usually sacrifice the ‘healthy ingredients’ for the ‘tasty ingredients’. They are really not to blame because if they don’t give you ‘unhealthy’ food you would immediately ditch them for another restaurant. The competition between restaurants is so tough that they give you extra large potion sizes that you gobble up without giving it a second thought. In other words, the problem doesn’t lie with the restaurants, it lies with you.

Now you know the real culprit behind those nice love handles you have, you can start work on getting rid of them. The first thing is to eat restaurant food as little as you can and stick to your home food. This way you know what is going down your alimentary canal. Avoid all the foods that are listed as unhealthy. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. You may not like the latter, but that’s what you must eat. Play lots of sports like tennis that burns a lot of calories. If you don’t like that or can’t find a partner, then simply get on the treadmill or go jogging.