How Does Onion Help in Hair Growth

To some, the onion is a simple vegetable that that too with a strong odor to it. The others, the onion can be a vegetable that is capable of promoting hair growth.

This isn’t just something that can be added to your diet. While you could promote hair growth by a little bit when using the onion in your diet, you could benefit even more with compounds that contain onion that you can use in your scalp.

What Does Onion Have for the Hair?

The onion is a vegetable that works best if you grind it down in a blender and extract its juices or if you place it in a juicer to get some materials out of it. This will work directly on the hair to help target the spot directly without having to go through any other part in your body. Therefore, it will be strong and capable of doing a little more for your body.


The onion helps the hair in many ways. These are all made to work well for keeping your hair looking amazing for as long as possible without any issues:

  • It has been known to stimulate hair follicles on occasion. Much of this can result from sulfur, a natural compound that is found in onions and is known to help promote some of its scent. This can help to improve the process of getting new hair bits to grow over time.
  • Pseudocatalase is also included in onions. This is known to control the oxidative stress that comes with hair thinning or becoming grey. As a result, your hair will become stronger and less likely to become discolored if you use onion in your routine.
  • It can kill off germs and other compounds that may get into hair follicles.
  • It even takes care of fungal infections in hair follicles. These include infections that may be next to impossible for some people to see.
  • The advantages of the onion are clear. It is a material that can help you to keep your hair under control and will assist in helping you to grow more hair.
  • In addition, the compounds from an onion may be able to kill off dandruff. This works well if it is added prior to using a shampoo or other hair-cleansing product to help you out.

In fact, you can use a sensible juice formula to help you enhance your hair’s growth rates. This is an amazing solution that is worth trying.

What Can You Do to Make Onion Juice?

It is easy for you to make onion juice by using a sensible series of steps. This can be rubbed in your scalp to help create hair growth over time.

  1. Be sure to peel and onion and cut it up a bit to blend or juice the onion.
  2. Test the onion juice on your skin beforehand. Test it on a small spot to see if you develop an allergic reaction to it. The odds are you developing such a reaction are low but you should review this carefully.
  3. Add the juice to your scalp and massage it lightly. Be sure to massage the hair follicles gently so you will be less likely to struggle with hair loss or damages.
  4. Leave the juice in for about 30 to 60 minutes. This should be enough time for it to move into the follicles.
  5. You can then rinse as the scalp should have taken in the juice by now.

It is best to take care of this procedure at some point during the evening so you don’t smell like onions all day long. However, when the juice is applied properly, it will be spread enough to where the scent that comes with the onion will not be all that strong.

How Long to Use?

The amount of time that you should spend when using onion juice for your hair may vary based on the total amount of work you want to get out of it. You might have to spend weeks or months to help get it all ready but it will grow stronger if you use it well enough. It must be used appropriately to keep your hair growing with care.

This should work well provided that you take a careful look at how much time you’re going to spend with this. If you are cautious enough with it then you will find that it will be easier for you to manage your hair for now and in the long run.

If you use onions then you will have an easier time with managing your hair. Your hair will be more likely to grow and look its best if you use onion properly with a new compound that you can get in your own home.