How Grape Seed Extract Good For Your Skin

Red wine symbolizes the benefits grapes offer for your heart, but what is lesser known is that the extracts of grape seeds are equally worth the toast. Derived from the seeds of the grapes industrially, these extracts are rich with multifarious oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes and antioxidants that offer various therapeutic properties.

According to various studies, these extracts could help in healing and preventing cholesterol, circulation issues, cancer, nerve damages, macular degeneration, and even atherosclerosis. Being a natural source of vitamin E, vitamin C, and flavonoids, these extracts are great skin-friendly elements.

Grape Seed Extract

Read on to know more about the benefits of grape seed extract for your skin right here!

Skin Benefits of Grape Seed Extracts

1. Shields And Heals Sun Damages

The resveratrol, proanthocyanidins, and other antioxidants present in the extract help in protecting the skin from the sun. When applied on the skin, it works like a natural sunscreen, lowering the damage and burns caused. You can mix grape seed extract with aloe gel and use it as your sunscreen lotion. Being free from additives and chemicals, it is a natural way to shield and heal your skin from sun-induced injuries.

2. Beneficial For Skin Breakouts

Bid adieu to pimples and acnes with grape seed extract. It is a good source of linoleic acid that improves the skin tone and quality by strengthening the membranes of the cells. Plus, it has innate anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that is beneficial for easing the swelling and infection experienced due to pimples and acne. It also helps in lightening the blemishes, thus improving the skin radiance.

3. Thwarts Signs Of Premature Skin Aging

Continuous exposure to sun and excessive use of chemicals pave way for premature skin aging. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that helps in preventing and reversing wrinkles. It also promotes collagen formation, making your skin look visibly younger within two weeks. Mix a few drops of this extract into your favorite face mask and use it as a part of your anti-aging regimen for younger looking skin.

4. Heals Under Eye Circles

Grape seed extract, according to studies, possesses the potential to hydrate and moisturize the skin beneath the eyes. It also eases and soothes the inflammation while lightening the dark skin under your eyes. Apply it around the eyes and massage it to ease the puffy bags. Add a few drops of grape seed extract with aloe gel and massage it around your eyes before your sleep. Wash off with cool water the next morning.

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5. Helps In The Treatment of Chloasma

Chloasma arises as a response to excessive fluctuations in your hormonal levels, constant exposure to sun, and application of certain makeup products. They develop as brown, blotchy spots on the facial skin. According to a study that appeared in the Phytotherapy Research, using grape seed extract oil continuously for six months could make noticeable changes.

6. Keeps Your Skin Moisturized And Rich

Give your skin an extra dose of hydration and moisture with a generous application of grape seed extract. It contains vitamin E, an ingredient that holds the skin cell membranes together, trapping the moisture. It also has the potential to keep your skin smooth and soft by working as a natural exfoliating ingredient. Regular use of grape seed extract on your skin eliminates the dead cells that clog the pores, leaving your skin youthful, radiant, and glowing.

7. Helps In Healing Wounds

Grape seed extract has been used since time unknown to heal wounds on the skin. While the antibacterial nature of the extract helps in doing away with infections, the anti-inflammatory properties soothe the inflammations. It also has the power to trap the moisture, creating situations for the faster regeneration of skin cells. In short, it can be applied atop wounds and scratches to promote quicker healing.

8. Helps In Preventing Skin Cancer

According to a study that appeared in the Nutrition and Cancer journal, topical application of antioxidants derived from the grape seed extract could lower the risk of UV rays-induced skin cancer.

Have you ever tried grape seed extract for your skin? If not, give it a try today and share your experience below.