How Long Should You Keep Your Makeup

Women love to adorn themselves with makeup. Even a simple stroke of kajal and a few strokes of lip balms add to the beauty. However, that doesn’t imply you have to cling on to your favorite makeup item for years together. Be it lipstick, kajal, eye liners, blushes, or nail paints, all come with an expiry date. There are certain makeup items that you can cling on to for a maximum of 90 days, while others stay with you for years. There are no hard and fast rules that ask the manufacturers to include the date of expiry. So, it is good to know about these and that’s what exactly will be mentioned in the next few paragraphs, with respect to some of the most commonly used makeup ingredients…

Does Makeup Come With An Expiry Date?

Just read through know more on how long you can use your cosmetic from the date of using it for the first time…

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1. Gel and cream cleansers:

Cleansers remain good and fit for a maximum of 1 year from the date you break the seal of the package. Just throw away the moment you feel there is the slightest difference in the smell of color of your cleanser.

2. Foundations:

While an oil based foundation survives for 18 months, the life of a water-based one is just 12 months.

3. Compact powder:

Many women have the tendency to apply powder atop foundation to ensure an even tone for the skin. Just remember that your compact has 24 month shelf life.

4. Concealer:

This stays with you for an admirably long time – 12 months.

5. Blush:

A blush, if you go by a professional’s word, remains intact for more than a year. Close the container as soon as you finish using to prevent cutting down its life.

6. Eye liner – Pencil:

It stays perfect nearly for 36 months. However, make sure you are using the right sharpener and keep it sharp at regular intervals.

7. Eye liner – gel based:

This stays without getting spoiled for about an year. Akin to mascara, it would be ideal to safeguard it from exposure to air to retain the moisture level.

8. Kajal:

On an average, you cannot use a kajal beyond three months. However, just make sure you take a look at the packing as these days manufacturers’ seem to offer a longer span for these eye beautifying products.

9. Eye shadow:

Beauty experts suggest that eye shadows have the potential to survive even three years. In fact, you can use them till you notice an odor difference.

10. Mascara:

While certain experts tell that you have to throw a mascara away in 4 months, others vouch for a longer shelf life of about 8 months. The trick is to keep the product safe from drying out by ensuring that you are not pumping in air.

11. Lip liner:

You don’t have to hurry to finish this lip enhancing product. They last for 36 months.

12. Lipstick:

While certain people say lipsticks last for 12 months, there are others who vouch for a longer expiry date of about 4 years. However, there is a common point that both these groups agree upon. Throw your lipstick if it is rancid.

13. Lip gloss:

A lip gloss can be used up to 18 months from the date of opening the package.

14. Nail polish:

It varies with the quality as well as the number of times you use it. If used infrequently, a high quality nail polish remains unspoiled for up to 15 months.
Just make sure you are noting down the date of opening the product somewhere you can keep track of. This will help you to understand how long you should keep your makeup with you.