How Often Should I Exfoliate My Body?

Owning and maintaining a glowing, radiant skin that is equally healthy takes efforts. While most of the women do take care of their facial skin, they tend to ignore the other parts of the body. Common women! Your skin is harsh and dry because of those dead cells accumulation. Exfoliating the skin in a regular way is essential to ensure that your skin in healthy and beautiful.

Along with shielding your body from acnes and unwanted ingrown hairs, regular exfoliation also ensures that the moisture is retained and skin is soft. Plus, your skin is even bestowed with an enviably even tone. Read through to know how often you should exfoliate your body…

Should I Exfoliate Daily?

This is a question that comes to the mind when you read about exfoliating the skin. While there are various views with respect to this, the general view is that thrice a week is ideal to keep you skin clean and clear. Exfoliation is done to eliminate the dead skin cells and prevent the clog. Doing it more frequently might counter your efforts, leaving your skin dry and rough.


Here are few tips for exfoliating the body, with respect to the type of skin you have.

1. Normal skin:

If your T-zone is oily and cheeks are dry, then you have normal skin. In such women, pores are quite large, with their skin prone to frequent breakouts. You can opt for peels rich in alpha as well as beta hydroxyl acids. These peels help in clearing the oil found in specific places. At the same time, these peels also ensure that your skin does not lose its moisture level. Exfoliate thrice a week with a help of a mild scrub to keep your skin smooth.

2. Combination skin:

Akin to normal skin, women find their T-zones quite oily, while cheeks vary with weather. You can also opt for thrice a week exfoliating regimen using a scrub packed with good deals of fruity alpha hydroxyl acids. Apply a little amount of the scrub on the loofah and move it in circular motions, clockwise and anticlockwise for about 2 to 3 minutes. Follow up with a mild moisturizing gel lotion to ensure that moisture remains trapped.

3. Dry skin:

Women with dry skin have a tendency to exclude exfoliation from their skincare regimen, which, in reality is absurd. Women with dry skin have an extremely high level of dead cell accumulation that in turn prevents moisture retention. You can try a homemade scrub rich in olive oil for you exfoliating purposes. Use it with a soft cleansing brush two times a week to get rid of those dead cells.

4. Oily skin:

Women, irrespective of their ages, are prone to oily skin and the issues associated with it. People with oily skin should exfoliate more frequently than other skin types. The higher the oily nature is, the more frequent your exfoliating regimen needs to be. Opt out of using hot water. Warm water with a gentle exfoliating scrub and a good brush will do the job. Ensure that you are using a mild scrub as you might have to exfoliate daily to keep flush out the debris and keep the skin flawlessly radiant.

5. Sensitive skin:

Never use scrubs if your skin is sensitive. You can use a exfoliating cleanser, an ultra mild one, to eliminate the dead cells. Use a soft wash cloth and gentle exfoliate in smooth, firm circular motions. While it is ideal to restrict your exfoliating routine to just once a week, if you are a person whose skin is subjected to extreme levels of pollution, keep your regimen to twice a week. Apply a generous amount of your moisturizing lotion as soon as you pull out of the shower to ensure that the moisture remains trapped.

That was about the exfoliating regimen. What is your skin type? Decide and exfoliate accordingly!