How Should You Use Aloe Vera To Treat Stretch Marks

People go to any length to look beautiful and younger than they are these days, and it is not necessarily restricted to women. While you are conscious about the facial skin, it is also important to look at other parts of the body, especially areas like abdomen, thighs and breasts. Stretch mark is one such condition can mar physical appearance, both in women and men. These marks can be described as a type of skin scarring that happens when the skin gets either stretched or loosened.

Coping With Stretch Marks

Stretch marks affect mostly women after pregnancy or during the onset of puberty. However, others can also get affected by it owing to excess weight gain or loss. These spots may look darker than skin shade and usually fade away over time. While they do not lead to any health complications, there is no denying the fact they mar your look. Especially women who wear revealing outfit feel embarrassed about appearing at public events with those marks on skin! Rather than waiting for the marks to fade on their own and covering them with clothes, you can do the needful to get rid of them.

Aloe vera

Ways to Erase Stretch Marks

There are several ways to fade stretch marks from skin surface that you can resort to nowadays:

  • A lot of women resort to using the OTC stretch marks removal creams and balms. The efficacy of such formulations varies from one person to another. Besides, people with sensitive skins may face skin problems after applying those products. It may lead to the development of skin rash or inflammations.
  • People with deep pockets also opt for spa and salon treatments like mud baths and laser surgery to deal with such skin marks.
  • It is better if you resort to any natural or herbal extract to get rid of those skin marks. One such example is aloe vera.

Aloe Vera To Erase Stretch Marks

Aloe vera is a popular herb with numerous beneficial properties. It is being used to treat a number of skin problems and health issues since the Roman era. Applying the herb soothes irritated skin and it is often used to heal sunburn skin. It is an excellent hydrating agent for skin as well. Aloe vera contains several nutrients that are required by the human body.

You can grow Aloe vera plants in your garden and use the leaves to get extracts. This will act as the source of gel that can be applied on stretch marks. However, if you cannot do that, finding aloe vera gel in the market is not hard these days.

Ways To Use Aloe Vera Gel To Fade Stretch Marks

You can apply pure aloe vera gel on stretch marks twice a day and massage slowly. This should be continued for a period and you will observe the marks are getting faded slowly.

For better results in stretch mark removal, you can mix aloe vera gel with olive oil, and Vitamin E capsules. Mix all these components well and then apply it on stretch marks on skin. You can apply this mix on skin before hitting the bed. Based on the type of scar, the formulation will work slowly or faster than others.

There is another method, you can apply. Mix aloe vera gel with some cocoa butter and tea tree oil. This can be applied on the stretch marks.

For better and faster results, you can use other natural herbs and skin nourishing agents along with aloe vera to fade stretch marks. If necessary, you can talk to a dermatologist and get the most suitable remedy.