How The Average Man Can Be Just As Sexy As Jamie Dornan

’50 Shades of Grey’ has hit the screen… While it has been one of the sexiest movies ever made till date, it gave the Northern Irish actor Jamie Dornan a new credential to his acting career. Dornan, who has sketched the role of the notorious Christian Grey in this so called misogynistic movie, has earned the review of being the ultimate man any woman would say yes to.

You can also be as sexy as Jamie Dornan. Wondering how? Here are some really cool tips that could transform you into Dornan. Just delve into the write-up and mug up and practice these techniques. These are simple, but really cool and effective.

jamie dornan

The Jamie Dornan Body

  1. Melt the fat away

Cardio training

Just take a look at that small pooch of yours. Is that the obstacle in your fitness path? Just melt them away… Hit a gym and start working on your cardio. Cardio workouts are essential to revive and pep up the metabolism and start the fat burning process… If you are not a gym freak, then you can start jogging or even a 45 minute brisk walk would help you with that? Even better – try doing 25 rounds of Sun Salutations.

  1. Women do love 6 packs

6 pack abs

Women are diehard fans of 6 packs. So, ensure that you are chiseling you abs. Push-up, crunches, and weight training in the gym coupled with some yoga poses such as naukasana will burn that belly fat. You can even try Agnisar Kriya, the ultimate belly fat burning mechanism for that sculpted abs. There are countless foods that could help in boosting this including, oats, whey protein, almonds, and olive oil, to name a few.

  1. Drink water


Come on! You do know the difference between beer and water, right? So, ensure that your beer bottles are safely resting in the trash can. Wondering why? Beers are known to be highly responsible for that belly fat. Have you not heard of beer bellies? 8 to 10 glasses of water – that is at least 2 to 2.5 liters of water depending on your height and weight – that should be your target. You metabolism will be revived; your fat burning process will improve.

  1. Be cool, but dress up carefully

men dressing

Dressing makes a huge difference. Dress in such a way that you look super cool and sexy, at the same time you are not a callous dresser. A good pair of jeans with a simple tee would look fabulous if you are on a casual outing, but for a formal occasion, make sure you are in the right suit and boot combo.

  1. Hanging out is cool


Do hangout without friends, but never overdo it. Women do admire a man who has friends, but they do freak out when you friend circle is quite huge. Any woman will choose a man who enjoys his life, but makes sure that his life is intact. Being chill is acceptable, but a man with a set of goals, who can hold himself responsible, who can make her feel secure and safe, who loves to get married, who loves to have kids – that is what a woman desires for. And, Jamie Dornan is one such person. And, Amelia, his beautiful wife showed that she really adored him when he decide to do the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy.

  1. Be caring in between the sheets

Young couple relaxing at home

It is not just a physical satiation for women and this movie starring Dornan is a clear evidence of that. While casual sex is acceptable, a man who understand a woman emotionally is known to be considered sexier than a one who prefers a fling. And, if you are a man who believes in multiple casual encounters, just make sure that you are not discussion with it any woman who you want to be with, lest to upset you sexy quotient. And, husbands over there, this rule is not applicable for you! One woman man – that is the ideal sex quotient boosting factor for any man.

  1. Be hygienic

trim a beard

It does play a very vital role. So, keep yourself clean and neat. While a little beard is acceptable, keep trim. And, do cut your hair regularly in a way that flatters your looks.

  1. Express your admiration

Women love to be appreciated. Just go ahead and tell her that you appreciate her. It pep up you sexual appeal.

You can keep talking and talking about how to pep up your sexual appeal, but I really feel it varies with every woman and every man. A person who looks sexy for a particular woman need not look the same for her friend. The keynote – understand a woman and change yourself to become her own ‘Jamie Dornan’!