How To Apply Eye Make-Up For Almond Shaped Eyes

Each of us is blessed with unique and different facial features, which makes it imperative that not any kind of makeup would be suitable for all. The shape and size of your eyes decide what and how you choose for your eye makeup. Of course like in any other choice in fashion, there are more ways than one to get it right; however, there are also more than one ways to get it wrong. Wrong choice may completely ruin the result of your makeover. Some women are not even really sure about the shape of their eyes. Ideally, your eye makeup should match and compliment with your overall attire and presentation.

Knowing You Eye Placement

To know the placement of your eye is quite crucial for the appropriate makeup makeover. You can know your face type by looking into the mirror and measuring the distance between the inside corners of your eyes. If the space seems shorter than the width of an eye then you should close the set eyes. Moreover, when you are using eyeliner, make sure it is as thin as possible and make the line wider when you reach the corner of the eyes. If your eyes look like an almond, you have an almond shape eye. Generally, almond shaped eyes have an upswept outer corner.

almond shaped eyes makeup

Makeup Steps For Almond Shaped Eyes

Almond shaped eyes are known to be the most versatile and exotic form of eye type. If you have an almond eye shape, you are surely lucky to have that perfect proportion that provides you lot of options for experimentation. You have quite a many color options to play with. If you are a beginner, you should ideally stick to limited colors and shades of the same color, be it light or dark. Things that you would require are primer, concealer, foundation, eye shadow, highlighter, kajal, eye liner and mascara. Here are steps that you could use.

Step 1: Start by priming your eye lid including the brow bone and then apply a concealer evenly to your fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. Evenly blend the foundation on your eye area and make sure that you do not pull or stretch your eye area since they are quite delicate and are susceptible to wrinkles. It is recommended that you use your ring finger to dab on the products.

Step 2: For you type of eyes, you can restrict yourself with just two or three shades of the similar color and keep things little simple. We recommend you to limit your shadow to light or deep brown, violet, purple or even wine or champagne. And off course, silver highlighter would do wonders. Once you have them ready, you can blend the lighter color on the centre of the lid and smoothly fade both ways till the lid boundary. Blend colors well and take the darker version and finish the shadow by making a mini tail like Cleopatra.

Step 3: You can finish the makeup process by using a white or golden eye shadow at the nose and eye junction and on the brow bone to highlight your eyes. If you have heard about Kajal, it’s surely a great thing. You could line the lower rim with a white liner for an attractive look or you can use a traditional kajal or a black liner and the upper rim too with a black liner moderately.

Step 4: If you want your eyes to look popped out, use mascara which is quite popular and essential too. You could curl your lashes with mascara and false lashes. Moreover, you could go for dramatic mascara and hyper curl mascara for your almond eyes.

Beautiful and attractive eyes are every girls dream and who would not want to flaunt them. While doing a makeup for your eyes make sure that you pigment enough and smooth the shadow to achieve a great tone of the eye shadow.